After seeing the film “Crying Fist,” I had to get my hands on the director’s earlier work. “Arahan” is a comic modern day martial arts adventure and underdog story in which a fumbling police cadet realizes that he has the power of the chi, worthy of becoming “the one” of the Taoist world. Very “Unbreakable.”

Stars Seung-beom Ryu of “Crying Fist” who is as good as comedy as he is at drama. An FX heavy film. Characters jumping from building to building. Romantic comedy. And of course the big show down. Quite frankly, I don’t care much for films that are all about the martial arts. And unfortunatly this film becomes that. The final showdown lasts almost twenty minutes. Enough already.

However, it is a very entertaining film. Had a smile my face throughout. But most importantly this film introduced me to a woman who rivals Su-Qi in the “most perfect creature in the world” category. Her name is So-yi Yoon. Behold.


I’m renting her other films and will be reviewing them soon. One of them being “Shadowless Sword” which is a huge Korean epic so this woman is
obviously on her way to becoming a superstar over there.

Anyway, this is definitely worth the rental but is hard to find so talk to me or buy it on the Bowery or Ebay. Very stylized, funny film that could easily be remade over here with the likes of Justin Long and Mandy Moore.


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