Seanpan’s Labyrinth

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So Rommel and I caught Pan’s Labyrinth last night from the comfort from
the couch. Overall, enjoyed the film but the buzz and marketing
campaign are obscenely overstating the ‘Pan’. if anything the film
should have been called “El Resistance” or “Spanish Freedom Fighters” as
its more about a fading WWII-era Spain than about fairies and magic.
Its got that too, and its beautiful and interesting… But 1. Don’t
mistake the “labyrinth” in the title for the David Bowie masterpiece and
2. Don’t expect too much. You’ll get glimpses and wonder, “wow, what if
guillermo made a full-fledged fairy tale, wouldn’t that be awesome?”

I’d say overrated but an enjoyable flick. One problem I have with it
is… Why does everyone shoot dead people? They kill a bunch of rebels,
and then run around dumping rounds into their corpses. No wonder the
movement lost ground.