Awesome USB Storage Devices!


Although 80 bucks for a lousy 1GB is excessive…c’mon, how cool would it be knowing you are carrying your leia clips in an ARTOO STORAGE DEVICE!!

Preorder me right now!!

3 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    I don’t like these. They’re just repaints of the original product, which was a teddy bear-type thing. I want a R2-D2 USB keychain that’s shaped like R2-D2.

    It’s a classic “Fudgie the Whale” move. (Only some people here will get that reference.)

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Oh you’re just acting like the Dagobah swamp creature.  Slurrrp.

    Actually, i see your point…and, the more i think about it, 80 IS too much for 1 GB for a device i already have.


    I am a shadow of my former self.

  3. Cybergosh says:


    That’s where i just went because i wanted to know if the swamp creature species had a name.Γƒβ€š Just like that giant asteroid worm, i cannot find one.Γƒβ€š I want to know what species the giant asteroid worm that tries to eat the falcon and the swamp creature who spits artoo out are!

    Ya know, come to think of it, that giant asteroid worm would probably have spit the falcon out.Γƒβ€š I think it would have thought it tasted kinda yucky.

    Still, even if it did spit it out, the Falcon might not have been able to fly, leaving Han, Leia and Threepio stranded on that asteroid forever.Γƒβ€š They might have been the adam and eve of a whole new asteroid civilization But really, they would be no better than a bunch of Polis Massans.Γƒβ€š Maybe they would compete with them in the Asteroid Civilization trade.Γƒβ€š But honestly, they probably would have just died.Γƒβ€š How many Mynocks are there to eat, really?

    So, in conclusion, itҀÂℒs so awesome that the Falcon got away in time off that asteroid that day.

    So awesome.