Rented this because I just saw “White of the Eye.” And wanted to
check out other films by Donald Cammell. Once again, the zeitgeist
is a wondrous thing. Lincoln Center is having a retrospective
of Donald Cammell films in February 2007. Just found this out.

All this is… is another afraid of technology/2001 rip-off. Instead
of Hal…we have Proteus. This is truly one of the most retarded films I’ve ever seen. I can’t
imagine anyone taking this seriously even before the last thirty years
has caused this to age worse than most 50’s sci-fi films.

I guess what makes this film different is that the
lead, Julie Christie, is raped by a computer. Shocking!!

You may want to rent this just for a laugh. The image of their half
metal/half flesh offspring, is probably the funniest unintentionally
funny shot ever.