Stuart Gordon’s Edmond Review


How did this film come to be? Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, etc), David Mamet (overrated playwright and screenwriter who gets praise for using the word Fuck alot) and William H. Macy (excellent actor who should have had better judgement than to do this film)..all come together with a bunch of cameos to create this complete failure. I hate to be so hard on this film because I really love Re-Animator and always wanted Gordon to be taken seriously and to achieve what he did with his first film. Oh well.

Quick synopsis: Over the course of one night, Edmond Burke, frustrated every-man, transforms from a middle-management drone into a racist, knife-wielding marauder. Very similar to Falling Down.

Many problems with this film… very bland cinematography, bad translation from stage to screen, and the terrible choice of trying to fake LA for NYC. It is beyond obvious that Hollywood Blvd. is doubling for 14th st. And this lasts through-out the film..never losing that LA vibe. Lots of cameos… Julia Stiles, Joe Mantegna, Ling Bai, Jeffrey Combs, Denise Richards, Mena Suvari and Debi Mazar. Two reasons I’d recommend this film: to see how badly a film can fail and to see Bai Ling strip to barley nothing. The second reason is worth the rental… that sounds so juvenile.


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