Attakus Diorama Arrives: Additional Pics

Well I promised some of you more pics, especially those taken with action figures.


So check em out!!!!!

Wide view of the left side:


Top view of left side front:


Top view of left side rear:


Figures shown are Attakus Metal Collection Stormtroopers, made of pewter. Apparently the entire diorama was based on the scale of these figures (specifically Vader, who I will reveal when I open the death star corridor).

Han and Chewie are Hasbro figures (Chewie is early bird version and Han is Trilogy Edition). They blend pretty well and are only slightly taller than the Attakus figures.


Closeup of the carbon scoring from laser blasts on the hull:


Side view of right side (cross-section of interior):


Long view of cross-section:


Shown here are the Metal Collection versions of R2 and Threepio, along with the Habro Early Bird Leia (who I think was just repacked in the Episode IV tin collection).

Again, scale is pretty close. Many of the Attakus prototype pictures show Metal Collection versions of Han, Leia and Luke (in stormtrooper gear) but they have not yet been made available.

I’m hoping I might find one of these when I open my other boxes…


A stitch in time (a long time ago, to be precise):


Detail on the seats and rear wall:


The cargo bay, with Early Bird Luke looking fairly dazed by my flashbulb.


Prepare to be boarded !!!


Hey everyone! It’s Boulie from DRIVING MISS DAISY! Anyone seen Hoke??


Another scene for the extra-special edition:


Strangepork, we hardly knew ye:


Matthew says what we’re all feeling:


I’ll open the other boxes this weekend!



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6 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    These pics made me slice the BergJohnson in half just because of how cool this cross section Falcon is!!!!!!

    You need to make little GIF slide presentations..the possibilites are endless!

    These macro shots look like the real set!

  2. Christa says:

    Keep the other figures away from Stitch – he has mange.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    Fucking Bender, always getting in the midst of trouble. 

    That is really quite an amazing testament to the power of Star Wars collectibles.  And I thought I’d be happy with a Don Post Ackbar mask…

    dammit dammit dammit…

    Can’t wait for the next box to be opened.  I think we should chip in and buy you new things all the time so you can profile ‘em!

  4. junktape says:

    LOL that’s the only job better than the one I already have.  Professional toy critic! 

    Maybe I’ll make this a regular segment anytime I get a noteworthy item. 

    Recently I got the gentle giant cantina bookends, and in a few weeks I will open the Sideshow Jabba the Hutt throne set that was on display at Comic Con.  (Not to mention the Slave Leia statue, rworrr)

    Unfortunately my collection will have to end there until I can make some money.  I need to cut off the habit since it’s gotten too expensive.  All these orders from last year are finally going through.

    I would never want to part with any of this stuff, but at least the higher-end collectibles should have a good resale value just in case Hollywood goes up in flames and I’m destitute.  wink

  5. Christa says:

    As David Rappaport told Mark Hamill in the “Gather Ye Acorns” episode of Amazing Stories,

    “There’s doctors aplenty in this world.  What we chiefly need are a few more dreamers.”

    Let’s just hope your acorns grow into mighty oak money trees.

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