No reason to review Street Trash… you know what I think about it…
one of the great sleaze films of the 80’s… a film that is totally
unique because of its technical achievements, energetic and colorful
style and it “ahead of its time” sensibility. However….

I will review the bonus disc on Synapse Films excellent DVD release of
the picture. The film looks amazing…excellent transfer. 2
commentary tracks, original 16mm student film, etc. Again Synapse is one of the best!!!

But the reason I’m reviewing the bonus disc is because there is a 2
hour doc on the making of the film that is extremely extensive. Roy
Frumkes, the film’s writer/producer, directed and edited this doc..and
basically covered all the bases. Interviews with everyone he could
get his hands on, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes (some shot on
film..cause this was 1985), storyboards, etc., etc.

Jim Muro, the film’s director, was 22 when he made this…which is
amazing in my eyes. Because although the subject matter is quite
juvenile at times…it takes an older soul to pull something like this
off. Not surprisingly, Jim Muro is now the leading steadi-cam artist
in Hollywood and will be one of the leading DP’s in a few more years.
He shot “Open Range” and “Crash.” I think he has intentionally
removed himself from Street Trash…. he became a real family man,
born again…so all he contributes to the DVD release is a commentary
track…no interview in the doc.

Plus, if any of you are Vic Moto fans (from Greg the Bunny), he’s
featured heavily in it. And surprisingly… Brian Singer worked on the
film as a PA and is interviewed for the disc.

My one problem is Frumkes’ editing of the doc. Bad music and some
poor structural choices. He even puts in a jokey “intermission” which
isn’t very funny..and annoying because you have to scan it. But, buy
or rent this right away…it answers all questions about the film.

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