Alien: The RPG!!!!


This is probably one of the most magnificent things you’ll hear about today. SEGA, who recently acquired the rights ot the ALIEN film franchise, has announced that they are developing a RPG and tapping Obsidian (the developer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords and Neverwinter Nights 2) to create it! The official press release is inside.

SEGA of America Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that Obsidian Entertainment will create a role-playing game based on the Alien film franchise with license from Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising. This title will be developed for the next-generation systems and the PC.

Obsidian Entertainment draws upon their wealth of design knowledge creating successful games such as the best-selling Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords and the award-winning Neverwinter Nights 2 to bring the Alien franchise to role-playing gamers for the first time. The role playing game will build upon the distinctive look and feel of the original films while utilizing next-generation technology to create an entirely different and unique Alien experience.

“With Obsidian Entertainment’s development pedigree, they were our first choice to bring the Alien franchise to the RPG universe,” said Simon Jeffery, President and COO, SEGA of America, Inc. “They are the only developer for us that could effectively combine the Alien mythology with compelling RPG gameplay to create the ultimate Alien experience.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the great production and publishing teams at SEGA to deliver the ultimate in-depth Alien experience to gamers worldwide,” said Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment. “Building an epic RPG with a license as heralded as the Alien franchise is truly a great honor.”

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6 Responses

  1. Junktape says:

    This is the BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR.  Finally!!!!  When I first read the headline I thought this was gonna be an RPG as in, a published book.  (which would also be cool).  But this is just amazing news.  I suppose they’re gearing up to launch this around the time of the AvP sequel or something.  Kudos – let’s have more Aliens games!!!  Speaking of AvP, they should really dust off the AvP PC game and convert it to console.  Those were great first-person shooters.  Especially the ones where you could be an Alien and crawl on the ceiling and walls, etc.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I’m sure new AvP games are in the works—I hope they get announced soon.  Not sure who has that license though.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    Awesome new update btw

  4. Roger says:

    Let me be the first voice of dissent. An RPG? Why?

    Especially if it’s going to be turn-based, that’ll be the kiss of death.

    Primarily, these films are about ACTION. They’re about running, shooting, and hopefully staying alive. They’ve made some great first-person shooters based on the franchise in the past, why mess with a good formula?

    (Gamers, you get a gold star if you actually played the Aliens/Predator real-time strategy game for more than an hour.)

  5. Eros Welker says:

    I’m totally projecting right now, but I hoping it will end up something like MASS EFFECT, BioWare’s next RPG.  Basically, it plays like KOTOR but the combat is real-time, with the ability to pause so that you can issue commands or orders, and then let it play out.  Really wicked stuff.  Then again, I’d be fine if it were like Fallout Tactics.

    There will definitely be action games (most likely Gearbox who’s done Half-Life expansions will be producing one) but I like that they’re trying something new.  I also want to learn more about the Alien universe, even if it ain’t from the original creators.  This could be cool, without being at the expense of something else.

    And yes, I get a gold star… though the AvP: Extinction game kinda sucked.  What a disappointment.

  6. junktape says:

    I get a gold star as well – I completed all 3 mission chains in AvP extinction.  I remember one day I sat in front of a 65” tv on one of those plastic “gamer chairs” they sell at best buy and played through everything.  Yes, it’s simplistic and sucky.  But I actually had a good time and was kinda grateful it only took me a few days to play so I could check it off my OCD list, lol.

    …Oh, and the chair spread open and collapsed, due to my girth.  Never bought another one.

    As for an RPG – I say why not.  KOTOR was awesome.  We’ve had several FPS versions of Alien and while I DEFINITELY want another, especially on Next-Gen, I’m sure it will happen.  Meantime what’s wrong with an RPG that might put more emphasis on story?  I’d love to play out one of the better Dark Horse stories…