Superman: The Not Completely Ultimate Edition


Seems the good folks at Warners packed the old standard version of Superman III into the new Ultimate Collector’s Edition 14 DVD Box Set. Additionally, the new Superman: The Movie 4 Disc DVD does not include the original Dolby 2.0 Mix on the theatrical cut.

Head over to davisdvd.com for instructions on how to get the correct copies via an annoying mail swap.

Updates from The Digital Bits….

(UPDATE – 11/27/06 – 11:30 AM PST)
We’ve got some news to catch you up on, but first a couple of quick notes. We’ll be back later today with a DVD review or two, including a look at Warner’s 14-disc Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set, which streets tomorrow. It’s a pretty great set… BUT there’s a couple of major issues with it. First, the 1978 Superman theatrical edition DOESN’T have the original 1978 audio – it’s got an edited down version of the irritating remixed audio from 2000, complete with all the awful new sound effects. Also, in at least some sets, the Superman III disc included is mistakenly the previous movie-only version, NOT the new Deluxe Edition that’s supposed to be in the set. We’re waiting to hear back from Warner as to how they’re going to handle the situation, and we’ll let you know.

(UPDATE – 11/27/06 – 3:30 PM PST)
Okay… we’ve just posted an in-depth review of Warner’s new 14-disc Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set, which streets tomorrow. As we note in the review (and in our earlier post from today), there are a pair of very serious problems with the otherwise excellent set. We’ve been in touch with Warner reps today, and have been told that the studio will be making some kind of official statement as to how they intend to address these two problems very soon… possibly before the end of the day today. AS SOON as word reaches us, we’ll post the details here. We expect that some kind of mail-in disc replacement program will be involved.

(UPDATE – 11/27/06 – 4 PM PST)
Here’s the deal – we’ve just spoken with Warner Home Video. They ARE going to be issuing corrected discs for both Disc One of the Superman: The Movie – Four-Disc Special Edition (also Disc One of the Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition 14-disc set) AND Disc Eight of the Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Disc One will feature the CORRECT original 2.0 audio track for Superman: The Movie and Disc Eight will feature the new Superman III: Deluxe Edition. ALL of the other discs streeting tomorrow are correct. The mistakes in the Superman: The Movie – Four-Disc Special Edition and the Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition were apparently just honest authoring/replication errors – not deliberate decisions – and Warner is already in the process of correcting them. NO recall of existing sets is planned at the moment, but we’ll have an 800 number shortly that you can call and arrange to have the corrected discs sent to you via mail. The official statement from Warner will follow shortly, so be sure to check back in a little while.

(LATE UPDATE – 11/27/06 – 8 PM PST)
Okay, folks. Here’s Warner’s official statement on the Superman discs:

“Bonus content was omitted from the Superman III Deluxe Edition in the 14-disc Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Furthermore, disc one of Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition did not include the Dolby Digital 2.0 mix. Neither disc is known to be physically defective in any way.

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Warner Home Video wants to extend apologies to all of our loyal Superman fans who’ve waited so patiently for these great collections and has taken immediate steps to correct these errors with the intention of standing behind our product 100%.

Replacement discs can be obtained by calling: 800-553-6937. The exchange program applies only to purchases of the Superman III Deluxe Edition in the Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition and to disc one of Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition, available as a single title, as well as in The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection and in the Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition.”

Just so you know, we’re trying to find out if and when future corrected sets might arrive in stores, and if this replacement program will work for international customers (who may have purchased the R1 sets via Amazon) as well. We’ll let you know when we hear anything on these issues.

(UPDATE 11/28)
We’ve got a few more Superman disc replacement notes today as well. First, Canadian readers are reporting that they’re able to use WHV’s 800 number, so if you’re north of the border that should be good news. Second, a number of retailers have apparently pulled the 14-disc Superman box set from their shelves and are waiting for updated sets, presumably to avoid having to deal with lots of complaints and returns. Other retailers are already sold out of their initial shipments. So if you’re having a hard time finding it, that’s why. New sets should start arriving in 2-3 weeks. In addition, a couple of U.K. readers who pre-ordered the R1 sets via Amazon have reported receiving e-mails from Amazon telling them to expect their sets to ship in early-to-mid December… and they’re supposedly going to be the corrected sets. So that’s another bit of good news for at least some of you international readers.

(NEW Cybergosh UPDATE 12/25/06)
Just got the Tin Set from Santa…all is well…Superman III has the Extras and Disc One has the Original Sound..all is well in Metropolis on this xmas morning!!


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3 Responses

  1. Jor-El says:

    Have faith, my son.  You will receive the right viewing crystals in due time.

  2. cybergosh says:

    Thanks, Jor-EL!

  3. junky says:

    I got thru to warner video at 1-800-553-6937

    You need to replace disc 1 and the superman 3 disc — they take your address and they send you a return envelope to put the discs into and mail back to them. The replacements come a few weeks later.

    If you’re like me and you used the proof of purchase to send away for the “free movie posters,” you don’t need the barcode to qualify for the returns. Just tell em you got the tin box set.