Wii Were Soldiers Once And Young


So, finally, after many sleepless hardworking nights and long, dark days I have partaked of Wii-mania, and by that I mean I finally played the Nintendo Wii in earnest. On a recent vacation, Rommel and myself, plus our two honeypots, went off into the wild and in a moment of downtime, discovered the true joy that is Wii Sports.

The system is AMAZING, and we’re just playing the simple pack-in game, but what’s incredible about it all is how real it all feels. Playing tennis, by swinging a controller fore and backhand, is like playing tennis on a court, albeit without the short shorts and the constant running around. Every swing seems to connect as if you’re swing a racquet. Wii Sports also includes baseball (with pitching and batting, a Rommel/Eros showdown series favorite), golf (the flakiest of the sports as it’s really hard to putt), boxing (unbelievably fun and tiring), and bowling (which I have yet to best Rommel in. Check out the attached YouTube video to see Rom channel his inner Dude.

If you have a soul, five minutes with this system will make you want one. Rommel himself was quoted as saying he was thinking about picking one up, and he HATES STUFF! PS3 is for the lame, at least until 2008; Wii is where it’s at boys and girls. Nab it today!

And now… a poorly digi-cam dark video of Rommel bowling…


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3 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    If you have a soul, five minutes with this system will make you want one.<i>

    Want what? The system, or a soul?</i>

  2. I would assume if you had a soul, you’d want the system, not a soul, but that’s just me being as the entire entry was about how great the system was.  But I’m wired differently than most folks so I may be way offbase!

  3. junky says:

    So jealous.  Spent my holiday with a fever and unrelenting diarrhea.  come to think of it I was sick last year too – but at least I had Ricky to hang with.  Anyway, woulda loved to play with your wee, and by that I mean your flaccid weenis.  Sounds awesome.

    Christa and I have not leaped at either of the brand new next-gen systems.  I’m just playin 360, sittin tight to see what cream rises to the top in the months to come.  But yeah, that looks mightily fun.  And an endorsement from Mike means a lot – funny how I was just watching some kids play Guitar Hero II and wishing to God Mike had the patience to sit down with that game – it’d bring him some truly fun stress relief.  Sounds like Wii did the trick!