Piece of crap…the Pang brothers have made one good film…The Eye…everything else is a waste of time and money… but for some reason I keep going back for more…why?…maybe because they can do effects…that’s the one thing they are good for…amazing effects, visually beautiful but who cares. Plot – Basically an author, played by Angelica Lee of The Eye, goes in to her own fantasy world where she sees everything that she has left behind or discarded in her life….and then some horror stuff kicks in and then she has to escape. What is very strange and off-putting about Re-Cycle is that it becomes a pro-life film. She meets the daughter that she never had because she decided to abort it 8 years earlier… so she bonds with her aborted 8 year old and together have to fight evil… come to think of it..Eye 2 had an abortion theme as well. But at least that film had Shu-Qi…. so anyway…if you are in to effects, def see this film but you can’t get it from me cause I already ebayed it.