Come With Me If You Like Sex…


As we all know, that line was from the immortal “Penetrator 2” (a classic cinematic tale about the end of the world and sexual cyborgs). Now some new lines are on their way, courtesy of the new Terminator-inspired TV series, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” A terrible name, sure, but the idea has some merit (and hopefully will wash away the T3 stain from my mouth).

Click this (FOX Greenlights The Sarah Connor Chronicles) news story for details.

That FOX, they’ll greenlight anything!


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  1. junktape says:

    Been slow to post lately, wanted to put this up myself a few days back but for some reason the TrueType webpage will not load on my laptop… grrrrrrrrr….

    I’m excited and frightened of this show, all at the same time.

    Why can’t Cameron be doing this??