The Master Chief Unmasked


So, you’re all aware that Halo, the movie, is in the works, but just wanted to get you all up to speed on the details.

masterchief.jpg1. The flick is executive produced by Peter Jackson, with a screenplay penned by Alex Garland (28 Days Later). Most recently, Jackson tapped Neill Blomkamp to direct, a relative nobody who supposedly has a wicked reel (which I haven’t seen, but am sure is on YouTube).

2. The movie is due out in Summer of 2008.

3. While unconfirmed at this point, it is HIGHLY likely that the Master Chief will be undergoing some changes; most notably, revealing who’s in the Spartan armor.

So, for a laugh, take a look under the helmet with this feature showcasing the top 11 candidates for Master Chiefdom.

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  1. Junky says:

    C’mon, no Warren the Ape??  wink