Vote For Your Favorite

Okay, I don’t like self-promoting, but I’m really kind of proud of this feature that we just rolled out. It’s basically a popularity contest around all your favorite school characters (Hermione, Teen Wolf, Thornton Melon, Bill & Ted, etc.) all themed as if they’re running for Class President. They all have original videos, as if they are campaign promos, and some are FUCKING AMAZING. I’m a big fan of Teen Wolf, Stifler, Carmen Ibanez from Starship Troopers and Bluto.

Please give it a peek, let as many folks as you can know about it, and most importantly, vote. wink

Class President – Back to School –

1 Response

  1. Junky says:

    HILARIOUS – the Ogre and AJ Soprano trailers are my favorite.  Too bad Tracy Flick could mop the floor with all these losers…