We Are Old


apollo_ferro.jpgSo after purchasing my motion tracker, which I love, I found myself back on eBay looking up other Aliens merch. I’ve seen smartguns, combat armor and lots of resin kits, but what I really want more than anything is a pulse rifle. Not just any pulse rifle though, I need one that has a working LED counter, and a replaceable/loadable clip (to restart the counter). Sick, I know. But in my travels, I found one that was used in the Alien War UK experience, and better yet, it’s signed by Apone and Ferro! Now, I was excited, I wasn’t going to buy it, but I wanted to know more… and then I saw the included picture.

Again, we are old.

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  1. Junky says:

    Apone looks like he’s having a stroke as that picture was taken.

    But where is…