Polish Movie Posters!!


alien.jpgI’m a big fan of retroCRUSH as the main guy there covers a lot of the same things we geek out about. The latest and greatest, a feature dedicated to POLISH MOVIE POSTERS. Wow, really messed up and wonderful. I wish I had no job and could just do things like this all day. To dream.

Check it out by clicking here!

And meanwhile, yes.. the poster to the left is for ALIEN. Obviously.


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3 Responses

  1. Burnt Leader says:


    before you reveal ALL of them (which are amazing!!) could you pull one at a time and have everyone guess at them.  SO much fun.  Anyway I wish they didn’t have the “answers” underneath. SOme I would never guess!!  and F Bergy!

  2. junktape says:

    WOW.  I think I’m gonna buy Raiders, maybe Gremlins.

    And how cool is Willow????

    Sadly, none of the godzilla posters seem to be for sale at this time.