Encyclopedia Dramatica


You already know about Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that covers the significant accomplishments of the human race like science, history, and art. You’ve probably visited wikis devoted to somewhat less important (but far more entertaining) subjects, like Memory Alpha, Wookieepedia, and Battlestar Wiki. The bottom of the barrel is now being scraped at Encyclopedia Dramatica, a chronicle of the worst of internet fandom, attention whoring, and most importantly, DRAMA.

As ugly as the subject is, the entries are incredibly entertaining. Learn about phenomena such as internet disease or Mary Sue fanfiction. Do you wonder why I think Transformers fans are a species separate from humans? Check out these entries on Deathy, Nixtr, and Raksha, someone who believes that the bad guys are actually the good guys, and says things in actual conversation like, “You slandered the Decepticons!” without a hint of irony.

– Roger