Bittersweet Life



Wow..what an effing let down. People are calling this the best action film of 2005. Well, I guess that’s not saying much because I can’t remember any action films from last year. Anyway, I just saw this as part of NYC’s Asian Film Festival. It’s been getting plenty of hype as the best thing since Old Boy but it in no way comes close. Actually I wonder if the films’ shallowness is intentional… perhaps it is and it is not coming across to someone who doesn’t know the language…I have no idea. But it almost plays like that terrible flic Way of the Gun… remember that Benicio Del Toro piece of nothing? Just a non-stop shoot-out with no emotional grip what-so-ever. The shoot-outs just get boring after a while. Looks good but who cares.

You can pick up the DVD in Chinatown or on Ebay.



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