Before we head into the rest of the summer biggies next week, let me just take this entry as a chance to bring us all up to speed on how this summer has been shaping out for me. With my ADD acting up, I offer no witty banter or old-school style BergViews. Instead, I will simply use my “dot” system that i have used since 1985 when i first started keeping lists of every film i have seen.

No dots = Waste of my life and I’ll never watch it again.
* (dot) = Glad i saw it. Good.
* (bold dot) = Awesome. Will own it on DVD. (the amount of bold dots indicates how many times i have seen it)

In order of Summer ’06 release:

M:i III = * *

An American Haunting = (no dot)

Poseidon = (no dot despite being technically cool)

The Di Vinci Code = (no dot)

Over the Hedge = (no dot, walked out!)

CARS = * * * * *

X-men: The Last Stand = (no dot, wanted to walk out!)

A Prairie Home Companion = (no dot, although glad i saw this oddity)

The Break Up = (no dot)

Nacho Libre = * (never have been so unsure weather i liked or hated a movie. Characters = awesome. Movie itself = as if Hess didin’t even try to make a decent film).

Click = (no dot, frustratingly bad considering awesome potential)

So far not such a hot summer despite all my fun and ever-growing love of Cars.

Maybe Supes and his 3Dness & Cap’n Jack and his Kieraness will shake things up a bit…

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

4 thoughts on “BergView Catch-up”
  1. Ha…no it means i loved it (thus the bold face) and saw it 5 times!

    Although…there are enough cars to make those dvd’s have 5 different covers…hmmm….

  2. All my money is on Pirates as the most fun summer movie.  I really did enjoy cars.  I thought it was incredibly well-directed and is probably one of Pixar’s best looking movies, with visuals so photo-realistic that you forget you’re even watching CGI (until it hits you that the car is talking). 

    Since X3 didn’t do it for me, no other summer movie has really stood out for me at all.  I do have hopes for Superman, but I’m trying to keep them in check and am somewhat skeptical.  I figure if I go in with low expectations maybe I’ll be surprised. 

    But that theme music is gonna keep me stoked, so they’d really have to drop the ball for me to come out of it unenthused. 

    Meanwhile I continue to get most of my entertainment from games (Kingdom Hearts 2, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero) and television shows (Doctor Who).

    Total aside – just watched THE LOST WORLD again and ya know, aside from some gymnastics, that movie was pretty friggin fun.  And dark, for a Spielberg flick.  Amazing visuals.  I kinda took em for granted back in the day but wow.  Maybe it’s the DLP screen but holy shit was that fun.

  3. I like Lost World too.  It’s cool, looking back, that he tried to go in such a different direction with the follow up.  I just still wish the whole cast could have come back instead of that Face Off brother.

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