Vanishing Point



Why doesn’t this film have the classic status of Easy Rider? I have no idea. Just as deep in its socio-political commentary. It did come out two years later so I guess you can’t call it as original as Hopper’s film but still it deserves more attention.

Ex-cop Kowalski works for a car delivery service and makes a bet to deliver a 1970 Dodge Challenger from Colorado to California in 15 hours. After getting the attention of highway patrolmen, a cross country chase ensues. A blind DJ takes his side and helps guide him past authorities – very Warriors-esque. The whole film alludes to a dying America with Super Soul (the DJ) proclaiming Kowalski to be the last American hero.

Probably more people are familiar with Audioslave’s music video homage to this film. That music video actually got the look down to the smallest detail. Beautiful widescreen cinematography that has been copied again and again. For example, it is obvious that the big sky look of “The Hitcher” was heavily influenced by this film.

There is a US and UK version available on the Region 1 DVD. See it.



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  1. MDHuff says:

    Totally agree!  I can’t believe you like this film!  There’s hope for you yet.