Halo 3 – For You and Me


Considering there’s a lot of Halo junkies onboard here, I wanted to make sure everyone caught the latest announcement. Yes, Halo 3 is coming, it’s coming in 2007 (my bet, October), and it’s only available for XBOX 360. I got a little behind the scenes tour at E3, and it wasn’t much other than a demonstration of the graphic power of the 360 (reflective surfaces, dynamic shadows and lighting, blah blah) but it all translates to an amazing looking game.

Here’s the trailer that was unveiled at the show, all created with in-game graphics so what you see, is what you’ll get.


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3 Responses

  1. MDHuff says:

    Amazing.  Tears and chills.  “Finish the Fight.” Jesus, I love Bungie!  Dear Lords of Kobel, hear my prayer:  please let Halo 3 be as good as the preview.  Please let the films get made, but by a soul who loves myth, not a bitch who likes explosions.  And please, when I die, let the first part of heaven be a real-life Halo, where I will fight and win, then pass into the arms of the mighty Gods.  Let it be.

  2. Junktape says:

    Wow.  Did we just witness the birth of a new Halo world?  Very cool—though I must admit Halo 2, while definitely better in design than one, lost something – I think you can only experience that kind of thing once – everything else is just derrivative.  I also thought the emphasis was on multiplayer (obviously) and I’m a wuss about getting owned by 12 year old kids.  But this looks amazing.

    Just finished Tomb Raider Legend for the 360 – looks great, plays great, really the only game for the 360 besides Oblivion that I’ve payed much attention to.

    They need content, bad.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I’ve heard GHost Recon is awesome for 360.  I’m buying one soon, because there’s a game called Dead Rising on the way that is fucking awesome.  And Matthor!!! I’m so glad to see your comment and I agree with you – so far, the film’s on the right path though with Jackson backing.

    I really enjoyed Halo 2, I love the way the storyline is unfolding, and didn’t mind the cliffhanger so much.  The story is really complex if you dig around it.

    I have high hopes for Halo 3 – look for the Xbox 360 Marketplace to have some wicked HD video around it soon.