Survive Style 5



I’ve been very bad. Very lazy. I haven’t posted in weeks. But I’ll catch up over the next couple of days. Anyway, I was inspired to write this tonight because I just finished watching a new, incredibly original Japanese film called Survive Style 5. Imagine “Short Cuts” in a bizarre fantasy world. The world is not totally fantastic….it is based in reality…but it is a world in which a dead wife will continuously return from the dead and a business man thinks he’s a bird, etc., etc.

I know this sounds silly..and it is, yet what is so great about this film is that the audience becomes emotionally involved…which I find is so rare in movies that are so heavily stylized and absurdist. Sorta has an “Am�lie” feel in that way.

Beautifully shot. Very fun, over-the-top art direction. And a great cast…not one unappealing character. And there are many LOL’s throughout.

I have no idea if this is getting a US release. I’m sure it will eventually. But if you must see now (like I had to), there are plenty of DVD’s on ebay..and you can always contact me for a copy.



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3 Responses

  1. MDHuff says:

    Please burn me a copy.  How did you rent it?  And how many films do you see in a week.  Seriously.

  2. BakeSnaker says:

    I actually bought it.  Ebay has a few.  There are a few amazing sites that sell very hard to find films.  Shockingvideos.com is one.  Check it out.  And how many do I watch a week?  Probably the same as everyone on EG..4 to 5.

  3. BakeSnaker says:

    oops…URL for Shocking Videos is revengeismydestiny.com