Why I Hate Fandom, Case Study #1

I’ve always felt that Star Wars fans deserved a higher ranking in the Geek Hierarchy, far above the lower groups such as Transformers fans and self-styled American otaku. But then I come across stuff like this.

Some context: author Karen Traviss writes the licensed Star Wars novels that deal with the Clone Wars. Some overly rabid fans don’t like her idea that the clone army only has three million troops. One of these fans created an atrocious CGI fan film that depicts him giving Traviss a beat-down, and when I say “atrocious,” I mean worse than Turkish Star Wars.

He put it on Youtube, hoping that the world will see the plight of he and his fellow “Talifans.” You may need to register to view the video because of its “adult” nature, but while you’re there please take the time to give this guy the mocking that he deserves.

UPDATE: Abuse him on his MySpace page, too.

– Roger

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