Star Wars DVDs not remastered


Face it – you’re buying them anyway, but looks like the new Star Wars “original” trilogy being released by Lucasfilm is NOT going to be remastered. Basically it’s a transfer from the “definitive collection” laserdisc masters (which by the way are the same discs I was making my personal DVD transfers from, lol), with 2-channel stereo sound.

The sound factor does not bother me, but the lack of it being anamorphic is hideous. (it WILL be letterboxed however.)

Most likely this is Lucas begrudgingly allowing these versions of the films to be released, as nothing more than extensive bonus material rather than a full-out, remastered version. I detect some spite in this, as if to say, “You want the shitty version? Have your shitty version…” Clearly he wants the special edition trilogies to be the only ones that fans can enjoy in the best quality possible.

Whatever. Lots of fans are popping stitches over this, forgetting that mere days ago they didn’t have a theatrical version to bitch about at all. So I’ll take what I can get, bend over, and say please may I have another.

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