The First Cybergosh Entry


The first Cybergosh Entry happened now as i typed the words that came before this period. Now, i can write things that will be online instead of just in emails. Like how i like American Idol. Taylor Hicks should win. He is cool. I used to vote for Kellie Pickler but she seems to be aging ten years each week. Since she has now graduated to Soccer Mom status, i only vote for Taylor. But she is still the hottest girl on there. That ugly little monster, Paris, needs to be destroyed. If only there was a way to call in a non-vote. Like, an anti-vote. I would anti-vote Paris a million jillion times. That’s what would be awesome. Hey. Wait a minute. If i voted for each person EXCEPT Paris, that would kinda be like an anti-vote. Yeah. That’s what i’m so gonna do next week if she doesn’t get the boot tonight. Yeah! I’m so gonna vote twice for each person except her so it’ll be like two anti-votes against that ugly little bug. She has to go. Ya know that feeling you get if your apartment has roaches…and you come home to your dark apartment and, just before you switch the lights on you brace yourself because you know you’re gonna see at least one of those damn roaches on the counter scurry away when the lights come one? That’s the feeling i get when i look at her face. I hate her so much. I almost hope she makes it through this week just so i can anti-vote her next time. That’s gonna be the awesomest. I like American Idol.
By Cybergosh

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  1. Eros Welker says:

    Include a pic.  I can’t watch that show ever since Chicken Little got voted off.