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Bob Odenkirk’s ‘Nobody 2’ Confirms Director, 2025 Release Date

Fans of the adrenaline-fueled thriller “Nobody” can rejoice as the highly anticipated sequel has found its director. Timo Tjahjanto, known for his gripping work in “The Night Comes for Us,” will helm “Nobody 2,” set for release on August 15, 2025. The original film, which grossed over a million, starred Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, a seemingly ordinary family man turned assassin. Odenkirk, alongside a team

Star Amandla Stenberg Claps Back at Racist Backlash with Song

Actress Amandla Stenberg, known for her role in Disney+’s “The Acolyte,” has responded to racist backlash by releasing a self-made music video and song. The video serves as a powerful counterattack against the prejudiced animosity she has faced and challenges her detractors to dance to her tune within 72 hours of its release. Stenberg directly addresses misinterpretations of her past comments on race in the lyrics of her song. The song, which drops on Junete

M3GAN Universe Expands with ‘SOULM8TE’ Erotic Thriller Spinoff

The highly anticipated expansion of the “M3GAN” universe is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of “SOULM8TE.” Produced by James Wan’s Atomic Monster and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse, this thrilling spinoff promises to blend ’90s domestic thriller vibes with modern technology themes. Directed by Kate Dolan, the film follows the story of a widower who creates a dangerous AI android in an attempt to replace his deceased wife. With a release date set

Mike Flanagan’s New Take on ‘The Exorcist’ Hits Theaters 2026

Renowned horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan is set to release a reimagined version of “The Exorcist” on March 13, 2026. This highly anticipated film will deviate from the original series, offering audiences a brand-new narrative that promises to redefine the demonic horror genre. Flanagan, known for his ability to craft psychologically chilling experiences, has been entrusted with the stewardship of this legendary franchise after a previous reboot received mixed reviews. Teaming up once again with his trusted producer

Amazon MGM Studios Spark ‘Spaceballs’ Sequel with Josh Gad

Amazon MGM Studios is bringing back the beloved parody universe of “Spaceballs” with a highly anticipated sequel. The original film, known for its hilarious take on the “Star Wars” franchise, has become a cult classic. Mel Brooks, the mastermind behind many great parodies, is producing the new installment alongside comedy force Josh Gad, who will also star in the film. Josh Greenbaum will be directing, aiming to bring a fresh era of laughs to the satirical sci-fi adventure. Plot details

Will Smith to Star in Sony’s Sci-Fi Adaptation ‘Resistor’

Will Smith is set to star in the upcoming film “Resistor,” which is an adaptation of Daniel Suarez’s novel “Influx.” The project, being produced by Sony Pictures, follows a clandestine government agency that captures inventors and steals their creations. While no director has been attached yet, the screenplay is being written by Zak Olkewicz and Eric Singer, known for their work on “Bullet Train” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” respectively. Smith, who recently had success with

Smile 2 Teaser Trailer Promises More Terrifying Smiles

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated horror film “Smile 2” has been released by Paramount Pictures, giving viewers a glimpse into the spine-tingling world that awaits them. Directed by Parker Finn, the sequel to the 2022 hit “Smile” is set to hit theaters on October 18th, promising to deliver the same terrifying premise that captivated audiences worldwide. The trailer introduces the return of actor Kyle Gallner, as well as new cast members Naomi Scott, Lukas

Netflix Confirms Sequel to Cult Horror Hit ‘Circle’

Netflix’s cult horror film “Circle” is getting a sequel, titled “Circles,” which will focus on the survivors of an alien invasion’s psychological warfare 17 years later. The original film, released nearly a decade ago, stood out with its unique storyline and chilling exploration of human nature and survival instincts. The sequel’s plot and cast details are being kept under wraps, but original actor and producer Michael Nardelli will be returning for the project. “Circles” is expected to delve deeper

Terry Matalas to Update Cult Sci-Fi Hit ‘Enemy Mine’ for 20th Century

Terry Matalas, acclaimed for his work on “Star Trek: Picard,” has been selected to write a modern version of the cult-favorite sci-fi film “Enemy Mine.” The story, which revolves around two enemies from different worlds who must work together to survive, initially struggled at the box office but later gained a devoted following for its themes of tolerance. Matalas’ success in the sci-fi genre, particularly with “Picard,” has earned him recognition and acclaim, leading

James Gunn Unveils ‘Creature Commandos’ Vision at DC Studios

James Gunn introduced Creature Commandos, an animated series from DC Studios, at the Annecy Animation Festival. The series will debut on Max in December and feature Viola Davis as the voice of Amanda Waller. Gunn’s vision for the DC Extended Universe aims to align film, TV, animation, and gaming with consistent characters and histories, allowing for crossover between mediums. Creature Commandos will continue the storyline from the Peacemaker season one finale. Gunn’s integrated vision allows characters to transition seamlessly among

Derek Connolly to Write Paramount’s Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover

Derek Connolly, known for his work on “Jurassic World” and “Detective Pikachu,” has been chosen to write the script for an exciting crossover project that combines the Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises. This upcoming film will see the Autobots and G.I. Joes team up against the Decepticons and Cobra, marking the first time these two beloved properties will unite on the screen. The project, which follows the events of “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Cursed ‘Blade’ Reboot Seeks New Director as Yann Demange Exits Project

The highly anticipated “Blade” film from Marvel Studios has hit a roadblock as director Yann Demange has departed from the project due to creative challenges. This setback is just one in a series of obstacles that the film has faced since its announcement in 2019. The film, starring Mahershala Ali as the titular character, has already been delayed by the writers’ strike in May 2023 and is now scheduled for release on November 7, 2025. Marvel Studios has

Smile Director, Pattinson Team Up for Possession Remake Buzz

Director Parker Finn, known for his hit film “Smile,” is teaming up with actor Robert Pattinson to reimagine the cult horror film “Possession” from 1981. The collaboration has ignited a bidding war among major companies such as A24, Netflix, and Paramount, indicating the high commercial prospects of the project. Finn will write and direct the film, while Pattinson will produce through his company Icki Eneo Arlo and potentially act in the film. The original “Poss

Neil Marshall Teases Potential ‘Dog Soldiers’ Sequel Return

Neil Marshall’s “Dog Soldiers” continues to captivate genre enthusiasts even after 22 years since its debut. However, the prospects for a sequel to this cult classic remain uncertain due to complex rights issues and other obstacles. In a recent interview, Marshall acknowledges fans’ anticipation for a sequel and assures that he is determined to ensure it lives up to the original. He emphasizes the importance of not disappointing fans and teases that the new story concept would reflect the 20-year gap since the first film.

Paul Giamatti as Villain Shakes Up Starfleet Academy Series

Paul Giamatti, known for his acclaimed performances in films like “Sideways” and TV series “Billions,” is set to take on a villainous role in the highly-anticipated series “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.” Giamatti’s character will reportedly have a “sinister connection” to one of the cadets, adding a layer of intrigue to the interstellar drama. This announcement comes in addition to the casting of Holly Hunter as the captain and chancellor of the academy. The

The Thing Remastered

The Thing: Remastered Announced for Modern Consoles & PC

Nightdive Studios is set to release “The Thing: Remastered,” a modern upgrade of the classic survival horror game. The remastered version will feature enhanced graphics, improved performance, and updated character models. Developed using Nightdive’s KEX Engine, the game will offer 4K resolution at 120FPS, bringing the early 2000s classic in line with contemporary gaming standards. The remastering process goes beyond visual upgrades, with improvements to lighting and atmospheric effects, promising to

HasLab Unveils Massive Mos Eisley Cantina Set for Star Wars Fans

HasLab has unveiled a highly anticipated Mos Eisley cantina display for Star Wars action figures, complete with figures of the previously off-limits Tonnika sisters. This announcement has ignited excitement among Star Wars enthusiasts and collectors, who have longed for these elusive characters to be included in their collections. The display is available in two variations: a basic open diorama or a deluxe edition with an enclosing fourth wall. Additionally, the campaign includes stretch goals that could introduce more exclusive figures, such as Gre

Terminator Zero: Netflix Anime Premieres August 29, 2024 with Olyphant

Netflix’s highly anticipated anime series, “Terminator Zero,” is set to premiere on August 29, 2024, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. The show, produced by Production IG and spearheaded by showrunner Mattson Tomlin, promises to deliver a captivating blend of post-apocalyptic action and narrative innovation. Adding to the excitement is the casting of esteemed actor Timothy Olyphant as the voice of The Terminator, bringing his considerable talent to enrich the character. The series,