Star Whores: The Complete Saga

A long time ago, on a web site called Deja News, I was doing a search for “Zuckuss” and stumbled across a little series called “Star Whores” by Jefferson Morris.

Each chapter is beautifully written, lovingly sprinkled with references to films like Aliens, Apocalypse Now, and THX-1138, and extremely disgusting.


Star Whores 1: Last Tango on Tatooine

Star Whores 2: The Empire Strikes Crack

Star Whores 3: Sperm of the Jedi

Star Whores 4: Sphincter of the Mind’s Eye

Star Whores 5: The Emperor’s New Hoes

Star Whores 6: Jabbawocky

Star Whores 7: Heart of Gundarkness

Star Whores 8: Menstrual Light and Magic

Star Whores 9: Endordammerung

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9 Responses to “Star Whores: The Complete Saga”

  1. Roger says:

    What, no comments on this?

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I’m all over The Office slash fiction these days!

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