Attakus Diorama Arrives: Part One

While away for the holidays my fiancee and I suddenly felt a disturbance in the force — a harsh spike on our credit card that suddenly maxed us out.
Which could mean only one thing — One of our Star Wars preorders had gone through!

On January 3rd, the morning after my return to L.A., I headed straight to the Entertainment Earth warehouse to claim my booty.

This long-awaited piece is a diorama that features a cross-section of the Milennium Falcon, set in the Death Star Hangar. The set comes in three separate pieces: The hangar floor, the corridor where Vader duels Obi-Wan, and the Falcon itself. You can learn about this sculpt by going HERE.

The set is made entirely of sculpted and hand-painted resin. The figures (which I bought separately months earlier) are hand-painted pewter.

Behold the first installment of me opening up this massive monolith of geekdom. Watch in fear as I finally go off the deep end of star wars collecting!!!

Arriving at Entertainment Earth in North Hollywood, a place where Seth and a few pals used to go to root around for figures.

I had the diorama ordered for pickup, which saved a few hundred bucks on shipping.

Before going inside I called Arnie and Marjorie at Star Wars Action News, since I love their podcast and thought they might be interested to know I was standing in the parking lot of the warehouse they no doubt order from all the time. wink


Seth knew these guys back when they were working out of a tiny garage.
The warehouse is now immense. Nice fellas there, who brought out my boxes on a giant dolly.

You’ll see three boxes – the falcon (on it’s side, far right) the death star corridor (fatter box) and the death star hangar (flat box). I was totally overwhelmed at the sight. It was much bigger than I’d expected.


We wedged the boxes in tight and had to open one of the shipping boxes to narrowly fit the last box (the death star plinith) into place…


I sat, mouth agape as the boxes barely fit into my car.


My “spaceship” had traveled from galaxies far, far away…


The longest of the three boxes was so immense, I hurt my arm dragging it into the house. Note the IPOD on top to give you a sense of scale…


Only 400 of these babies have been made and mine is number 138.


The outer layer was actually a shipping carton that I tore away and discarded. Opening the inner box revealed styrofoam packing. I nearly jumped back when I lifted the first piece out…


HOLY CRAP was this thing gonna be huge. I really wasn’t prepared for the scale. The only time I’d ever seen a model this big was at a Star Wars convention.


It’s almost as long as my dining room table and remember, this is only HALF of the entire diorama!

The falcon is lying upside down. Note the bottom of the cockpit in the upper right and the landing gear in the lower left. Sticking up from the middle is the boarding ramp. No way I could lift this myself.

Again, I placed the IPOD to give you some idea of how big this monster is.


The next day me pallie Matthew arrived and we decided to extract the falcon from its tomb:


We carefully lifted the box by the styrofoam and tilted the falcon right-side-up onto the dining table.


Kid in a candy store:


The cockpit canopy came off to reveal immense detail inside. Not sure how it compares to that of the STUDIO SCALE FALCON made
by Master Replicas.

Arnie at Star Wars Action News will be reviewing his signed edition at his website.


A full cross section of the entire piece.


A closer look at the interior. The detail is drool-worthy. No holograms on the Dejarik table though wink


That hallway in the picture above ACTUALLY connects to the bridge:


It’s just about an arm’s length from the cargo bay!


Included were a bunch of bins and props from the Death Star, including three MOUSE DROIDS (not pictured)


But once my lovely Christa gets home, we still have TWO MORE BOXES TO OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ll be getting to them in the next few days. I regret that I may not be able to display this entire piece together.
I might have to break them up, since there is no one space in my home that can fit the entire set.

I’ll be back soon with a posting as I open the remaining boxes and will take some photos of the METAL COLLECTION figures.


Greg the Wookiee

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7 Responses to “Attakus Diorama Arrives: Part One”

  1. Bake Snaker says:

    hahaha …you two look like you just ejaculated in every shot….  anyway, where did you get your caricature done?  That would be great if eah of us got one.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    The Falcon.




  3. Eros Welker says:

    That is something… something WONDERFUL.  I love this report, fan-tastic.  I can’t wait to see more!

  4. becca says:

    i don’t wanna wait for christa!!!! open it nowwwwwwwww.  daaaannnnnnnn!!!!! NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  5. Rick says:

    Mmm hmm, this is what my sister is bringing into the family. Nice work, Sis.

    I actually can’t wait to see that thing when I am laid off in a couple months!!

  6. mdhuff says:

    Amazing.  I’m honored to have been a part of that.  Dan is now the SWG.  He has chosen wisely.

  7. Christa says:

    Yep, this will be a day long remembered.  It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of our bank account

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