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Dennis Quaid Cast in Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller ‘This Blue Is Mine’

Hollywood veteran Dennis Quaid is announced to join the cast of the upcoming psychosexual science fiction film, “This Blue Is Mine.” Directed by Iuli Gerbase, the movie promises to be a genre-blending masterpiece that explores the complexities of family dynamics and human connection. Quaid’s character introduces his daughters to his younger girlfriend, played by Elizabeth Debicki, who claims to be an extraterrestrial and seduces one of them with the allure

Zazie Beetz Stars in Intriguing Sci-Fi Drama ‘This Blue Is Mine’

Brazilian director Iuli Gerbase is set to make her English-language debut with “This Blue Is Mine,” a captivating and mind-bending psychosexual sci-fi drama. Starring Zazie Beetz and Elizabeth Debicki, the film takes place at a tropical resort and follows Connie, who begins to question if her brother’s new girlfriend, Ivy, is an alien. As family drama and Connie’s own trauma recovery unfold, the film delves into a tantalizing ambiguity of whether Ivy is