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George Lucas Critiques Hollywood’s Originality at Cannes Festival

At the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars saga, expressed his disappointment with the lack of originality in the contemporary film industry. He criticized the over-reliance on sequels and familiar stories, both in mainstream cinema and streaming services. Lucas noted that this trend is likely to continue in the next decade, with the industry fixated on recycling old ideas rather than embracing new and unproven concepts. He also reflected on the expansion of the Star Wars

Andrew Wilson, EA

EA CEO Andrew Wilson: Generative AI, Game Development’s Holy Grail

Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson expressed his excitement about the potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize game development. Despite recent layoffs and game cancellations, Wilson believes that EA’s extensive experience will facilitate the integration of AI to expedite game creation and enhance creativity and enjoyment for players. Developers within EA are also eager for AI advancements to improve efficiency, with examples such as reduced construction time for in-game stadiums and increased animations in their latest soccer game. This adoption of AI reflects