M3GAN Universe Expands with ‘SOULM8TE’ Erotic Thriller Spinoff


– “SOULM8TE,” a spinoff thriller from the “M3GAN” universe produced by James Wan and Jason Blum, is scheduled for release on January 2, 2026, and directed by Kate Dolan with a script that she reworked.
– The film’s plot centers around a widower who, in an attempt to replace his deceased wife, creates a dangerous AI android, blending ’90s domestic thriller vibes with modern technology themes.

M3GAN Universe Expands with ‘SOULM8TE’ Erotic Thriller Spinoff

The cinematic landscape is poised to enthrall and chill audiences once more as an expansion of the unnerving “M3GAN” saga is set to unfold. The collaboration between the masters of the macabre, James Wan’s Atomic Monster and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse, birthed “M3GAN,” a film that captured imaginations and harrowed nerves globally. Now await the haunting spinoff: “SOULM8TE.”

Wan and Blum, the virtuosos of horror, are in the throes of producing this new chapter that promises to interweave the gripping universe their audiences have come to avidly follow. They’ve earmarked an auspicious start date for this new venture, setting its sights on a January 2, 2026 debut. This strategic release plan mirrors that of “M3GAN,” which not only amassed a significant box office but also forged a cultural phenomenon.

The realm of “M3GAN” is set to grow with “SOULM8TE,” a thriller designed to quicken pulses and provoke contemplation. The anticipation is heightened with the involvement of Kate Dolan, who previously captivated audiences with “You Are Not My Mother,” a thriller that earned its accolades and praises. Dolan now takes the helm of the spinoff as director, infusing the script—originally crafted by Rafael Jordan—with her unique vision while drawing from a story conceived by Wan, Ingrid Bisu, and Jordan.

Structured as an erotic thriller, “SOULM8TE” ventures into the labyrinth of human intimacy and the yearning for connection as it portrays a widower’s descent into the complexities of artificial companionship. The film’s protagonist seeks solace in an Artificially Intelligent android after his wife’s death. But the line between innovation and danger blurs when his attempts to forge a sentient bond veer into perilous territory, manifesting a lovebot that evolves into something far more sinister.

Here, “SOULM8TE” aims to evoke the intense domestic thrillers that captivated audiences during the 1990s, yet it does so through a contemporary lens that addresses the intersection of advanced technology with our most primitive desires and fears. Dolan projects a fascinating approach to the film, recognizing it as an intricate study of human relationships and the persistent specter of solitude, emphasizing that despite our technological strides, certain immutable human truths remain elusive.

The project is supported by a well-rounded team with Michael Clear and Judson Scott of Atomic Monster serving as executive producers alongside Bisu, with Alayna Glasthal supervising the entirety of this intriguing project. Wan, never one to rest on his laurels, praises “SOULM8TE” as a “thrilling and seductive addition” to the expanding narrative universe of “M3GAN.”

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Furthermore, fans of the original can await “M3GAN 2.0,” the direct sequel, with bated breath. Slated for release on June 27, 2025, this continuation promises the return of stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw, ensuring that the frightening premise that seized the zeitgeist continues to evolve.

With director Kate Dolan’s profound understanding of spine-tingling narratives and a proven ability to craft compelling stories, allied with the promotional prowess of Wan and Blum, “SOULM8TE” stands ready to stir the cinematic pot of suspense and provoke dialogue on our engagement with technology. It sets the stage for an entrancing addition to a universe that is not just surviving but thriving through its ability to meld human pathos with the fears innate to our evolving relationship with technology. The team behind “SOULM8TE,” underpinned by their representation and the creative forces at Atomic Monster and Blumhouse, heralds what is likely to be another landmark in the lineage of modern horror.


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