Will Smith to Star in Sony’s Sci-Fi Adaptation ‘Resistor’


– Will Smith is set to star in Sony Pictures’ adaptation of Daniel Suarez’s novel “Influx,” titled “Resistor,” which has no director attached yet, but screenplays by Zak Olkewicz and Eric Singer.
– Smith’s recent movie “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” achieved commercial success, and he is collaborating again with producer Todd Black, with whom he worked on “Seven Pounds,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and “Emancipation.”

Will Smith to Star in Sony’s Sci-Fi Adaptation ‘Resistor’

Will Smith is fortifying his triumphant return to the cinematic forefront with an upcoming venture that is bound to pique the curiosity of both his fans and the wider moviegoing audience. After the resounding success of his latest release, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die”, the actor is positioning himself to star in “Resistor”, an intriguing embodiment of science fiction set to unfurl under the reputable banner of Sony Pictures.

The project in question, “Resistor”, emerges from the imaginative world of “Influx”, a 2014 sci-fi novel penned by Daniel Suarez, a name associated with gripping, high-tech storytelling. While the veil over the movie’s specifics remains draped, the original material orbits a clandestine government agenda— a shadowy bureau incarcerates brilliant inventors and usurps their innovative creations. This narrative spine promises a plot rich in suspense, clandestine operations, and revolutionary advancements, tailored for an audience with a penchant for edge-of-the-seat experiences.

No director has yet been chosen to steer the adaptation, signifying the project’s nascent stage of development. Nonetheless, the script’s evolution shows a pooling of remarkable talent: initial drafts by Zak Olkewicz of “Bullet Train” acclaim and subsequent contributions by the esteemed Eric Singer, whose fingerprints on “Top Gun: Maverick” and “American Hustle” earned him substantial accolades.

The team of producers assembling for “Resistor” is studded with industry heavyweights. Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch—household names tied to success—join the ranks with Smith’s own Westbrook company, represented by Smith himself alongside Jon Mone. Their consolidated expertise, with Heather Washington as the executive producer, stands as a stalwart guarantor of the film’s prospective quality and ambition.

This new alliance with Sony Pictures taps into a well of proven chemistry between Smith and producer Todd Black. The duo’s previous collaborations on “Seven Pounds”, “The Pursuit of Happyness”, and “Emancipation” have yielded narratives that resonated deeply with audiences, harnessing Smith’s unique capability to navigate a wide emotional range and captivating personas.

Smith’s steps toward “Resistor” come hot on the heels of his assertive box office comeback. “Bad Boys: Ride or Die”, co-starring Martin Lawrence and serving as the latest in the “Bad Boys” saga, showcases an undiminished draw of his star power. Surpassing the 0 million mark domestically within just ten days, the film exemplifies a significant reclaiming of his title as a box office titan, a feat further underscored by its performance outstripping initial projections.

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In the wake of the incident at the 2022 Oscars, Smith’s representatives maneuvered to capitalize on this momentum, reaching out to studio executives to secure future roles. Their strategic layering upon the success of “Bad Boys” painted the narrative of a career resuscitation. The fishing lines cast out into Hollywood waters have evidently caught a promising lead with “Resistor”, as reported by Deadline.

The liaison of Smith’s veteran screen presence with a narrative adapted from a best-selling novel, shaped by influential writers and producers, positions “Resistor” to become a cinematic highlight. While the project is still taking shape, the creative forces behind it signal that audiences could soon witness an exciting, inventive, and potentially boundary-pushing addition to Will Smith’s storied career.


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