A Delightful Dive into Adolescence: Inside Out 2’s Emotional Journey – Review


Disney and Pixar have returned with a sequel to one of their most beloved films, Inside Out, and it’s a delightful exploration of the complexities of adolescence. “Inside Out 2” picks up with Riley, now a teenager, navigating the turbulent waters of puberty and offering an introspective look at her evolving emotions, with new characters joining the familiar ensemble of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

A Delightful Dive into Adolescence: Inside Out 2’s Emotional Journey – Review

From the outset, “Inside Out 2” captures the essence of teenhood with humor and heart. Introducing new emotions like Anxiety, Embarrassment, and Envy adds much-appreciated depth to Riley’s internal world. Maya Hawke’s portrayal of Anxiety is particularly noteworthy, with a standout performance that adds a fresh dynamic to the ensemble – for better or worse!

The animation, as expected from Pixar, is stunning. The vibrant color palette and intricate details bring Riley’s mind to life in new and exciting ways and complement the film’s pacing, which seamlessly balances comedic moments with heartfelt scenes. While not as engaging as the original, the sequel’s story still maintains a perfect blend of Pixar’s storytelling prowess.

“Inside Out 2” doesn’t shy away from the more challenging aspects of growing up, such as the confusion and intensity of new emotions. Instead, it embraces these challenges, using them to drive the narrative forward. The introduction of the new emotions is handled with care and creativity. Anxiety, for instance, is depicted not just as a source of stress but also as a protective mechanism, highlighting the dual nature of our emotions.

However, “Inside Out 2” occasionally feels overcrowded with new characters and emotions, which can detract from the central story. While the new characters are well-developed, their sheer number can sometimes make the story feel a bit disjointed. Additionally, while the film’s exploration of puberty is commendable, it sometimes borders on being too heavy-handed, potentially alienating younger viewers who might not fully grasp the nuances of these new emotions.

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As the credits roll and the last emotional chord strikes, “Inside Out 2” leaves its audience not merely entertained, but enriched. It reminds us that growing up is an ever-evolving symphony of joy, fear, sadness, and newfound emotions, each playing its part in the melody of life. Pixar once again tunes into the inner harmonies of the heart, crafting a cinematic experience that resonates long after the final scene fades to black.

RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0.

Inside Out 2 is in theaters June 14th, 2024.

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    Such a great emotional journey for kids and adults alike. The characters are so relatable.

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