Bill Skarsgård Transforms for Robert Eggers’ ‘Nosferatu’ Reimagining


– Robert Eggers is directing a new take on “Nosferatu,” with Bill Skarsgård starring as the vampiric Count Orlok, differentiating from recent Dracula adaptations.
– Skarsgård has intensely prepared for the role, altering his voice with an opera singer’s help and undergoing extensive makeup, hinting that the character will be both repulsive and erotically charged.

The haunting specter of Dracula continues to cast a long shadow over the world of cinema, and the indelible character’s influence stretches far into the imagination of filmmakers and actors alike. With the upcoming film “Nosferatu”, director Robert Eggers, renowned for his unique blend of historical authenticity and supernatural horror in works like “The Witch” and “The Northman,” is set to offer audiences a new vision that promises to distinguish itself from its cinematic predecessors like “Renfield,” “The Last Voyage of the Demeter,” and “Abigail.”

At the heart of this reimagined nightmare is Bill Skarsgård, taking on the iconic role of Count Orlok, a character that has resonated through the halls of horror since the early 20th century. In a candid talk with Esquire, Skarsgård hints at the extremes he embraced to incarnate the bloodthirsty nobleman, igniting curiosity and anticipation without giving away a precise look that moviegoers can expect.

Skarsgård’s commitment to his craft is underscored by the physical and vocal transformations he endured, ranging from extensive sessions with an opera singer to achieve a chillingly low vocal pitch to the demanding hours spent each day being sculpted by makeup and prosthetics. His description of the experience as “conjuring pure evil” and the consequential struggle to free himself from the grip of the character’s darkness conveys an actor profoundly affected by his work, someone who has woven so much of himself into the role that the boundaries between performer and performance blur.

Adding another layer to the anticipation is Skarsgård’s revelation that Count Orlok’s portrayal will tread the delicate, disturbing line between grotesque and seductive, challenging audiences to confront their reactions to the character’s monstrous allure. It’s a psychological gambit that evokes the character’s storied past, where the terror lies as much in the vampire’s power as in his transgressive sexuality.

Focus Features has slated “Nosferatu” for a fitting, atmospheric Christmas release in 2024, giving fans and newcomers alike the chance to unwrap a fresh take on the classic tale of a 19th-century German woman haunted by the vampire who stalks her. Director Eggers is pulling double duty as both helmsman and scriptwriter, with production being a collaborative effort among a team that includes notable figures such as Chris Columbus and Jeff Robinov.

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Of course, the film’s provenance can be traced back to F.W. Murnau’s revolutionary 1922 silent film, which nearly lost its place in cinematic history due to its controversial unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s iconic “Dracula.” This close brush with oblivion only highlights the enduring fascination with the story, a fascination that Eggers appears primed to rekindle.

Robert Eggers’ “Nosferatu” is not simply an exercise in nostalgia but a reexamination of a character that has captivated and frightened in equal measure for a century. With a December 2024 release, this new incarnation stands ready to reaffirm the nightmarish appeal of a cinematic phantom that refuses to fade, even as it shapeshifts through the evolving landscape of film. It is a bold venture into familiar darkness, promising a rendition of Count Orlok that will linger long after the credits roll.


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