Meet The Acolyte’s New Jedi Masters and Padawan Revealed


– “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” set in the High Republic era, introduces characters through new posters: wise Jedi Master Sol, authoritative Jedi Master Indara, vengeful Mae, solitary Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca, and mature Padawan Jecki Lon.
– The series will explore a crime spree investigation involving a Jedi Master and a dangerous adversary from his past, premiering with two episodes on Disney+ on June 4.

Anticipation is reaching fever pitch for “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” as Lucasfilm entices fans with an array of character posters featuring the new guardians of peace and justice from the High Republic era. These intriguing characters will debut in the much-awaited two-episode premiere on Disney+ slated for June 4.

Viewers can soak in the detailed posters and learn about the expanding universe at StarWars.com. Each image provides a glimpse into the unique attributes and backstory of the individuals steering the narrative of “The Acolyte.”

Jedi Master Sol, portrayed by Lee Jung-jae, emanates wisdom and a solid connection to the Force. This Jedi Master curates a delicate balance between his profound emotions and duties with the serenity of a seasoned protector. He stands as a bastion of defense for the voiceless, fortifying them with his mastery of both the lightsaber and the meditative discipline of the Jedi.

Embodying control and resolved leadership, Jedi Master Indara, brought to life by Carrie-Anne Moss, presides with an aura that commands attention and respect. Her calculated use of the Force is an impressive display of her formidable expertise. She meets conflicts with the tactical foresight of a true strategist, always preferring to dictate the terms of any confrontation.

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An enigmatic figure wrapped in a tale of loss, Mae, played by Amandla Stenberg, dives headlong into a dark enigma that ensnares her life. Fueled by a desire for retribution, she becomes an unstoppable force, driven by a deep-seated yearning for justice against those who have caused her suffering.

Kelnacca, the Wookiee portrayed by Joonas Suotamo, adds diversity to the ranks of the Jedi Masters. Choosing the wild seclusion of the Khofar jungles over the company of his peers, Kelnacca embraces a life of solitude. His hermitage speaks to a larger story of introspection and perhaps an unspoken disquiet with the greater galactic narrative.

The youth and earnestness of the Padawan Jecki Lon find embodiment in Dafne Keen. Jecki, under the tutelage of Master Sol, is the epitome of the Jedi Order’s future—calm, mature beyond her years, and infused with the promise of excellence on her path to knighthood.

“The Acolyte” is set approximately a century before “The Phantom Menace,” when the Sith are believed to be extinct. It plunges viewers into a time when the Jedi Order is at its zenith, exploring a high-stakes investigation that harks back to shadows from a respected Jedi’s past. This narrative dovetails with iconic Star Wars chronicles’ style and storytelling elements, arousing curiosity about its ties to the overarching saga.

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As integral as the characters are, the insights into “The Acolyte” reveal creative influences hailing from beloved aspects of the extended Star Wars lore, including the revered video game “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.” This intertextual homage weaves the new series into the pre-existing fabric of the universe, offering both continuity and fresh perspectives for fans to relish.

Preparing for the unveiling of “The Acolyte,” enthusiasts pore over the promotional materials, seeking to uncover the depths of the unfolding story. With each released detail, the narrative groundwork entices onlookers with a promise of a compelling blend of political intrigue, conflict, and exploration of the Force. As the countdown to the premiere continues, the excitement among the Star Wars community is as palpable as the luminous threads of the Force that bind them.


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