Survive Alien Worlds Through Cloning in The Alters Sci-Fi Game


– “The Alters” is a survival game where spaceship engineer Jan Dolski, stranded on an alien world, uses cloning to explore alternative versions of himself to survive and thrive.
– The gameplay involves managing a mobile base, gathering resources through mining outposts, and cloning Jan with different skills, all set in a striking, almost monochrome alien landscape.

The Alters

“The Alters,” a bold and imaginative creation by 11 Bit Studios, forges a unique path in the domain of science fiction survival games, opening a singular narrative by means of replication. This beguiling tale unfolds around an intrepid spaceship engineer, Jan Dolski, who finds himself in dire straits after his spacecraft crashes onto a sprawling wasteland of an exoplanet. Isolation and desperation drive him to a dramatic strategy for survival—cloning himself to tackle the rigorous demands of an unforgiving environment.

This game’s intriguing hook lies in its approach to cloning, not simply as a mechanic but as a storytelling device and philosophical inquiry. Through cloning, Jan is not just replicating his genetic material, but he is also creating varied versions of himself that could have existed under alternative life circumstances. Each new clone is a narrative thread, exploring the depth of Jan’s character, as well as broader existential reflections about identity and possibility. A clone might embody Jan’s potential life as a chemist or the Jan who confronted his childhood adversities head-on, enriching the player’s insight into the character’s unfulfilled dreams and unresolved conflicts.

A visually compelling display greets players as they embark on Jan’s journey. The game’s debut scenario sets an atmospheric stage, a black sand beach flanked by stark cliffs, and an ocean that churns with restless vigour. The monochromatic landscape of the planet is strikingly interrupted by vibrant flares piercing the rain-drenched sky—conveying a sense of beauty that is as intoxicating as it is ominous. The aesthetic design of “The Alters” effectively underscores the game’s thematic intersections of loneliness, beauty, and the alien territories that lie both without and within.

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Initially, the player navigates Jan through tragedy. Learning of the demise of his crewmates, including the captain, Jan acknowledges the burdensome reality: he alone is left to endure on this remote sphere, with home existing as a distant memory. The implications of his solitude are given weight by the tasks that lie ahead—the relocation of the Mobile Base to elude the destructive rays of a foreign sun. The base, an impressive structure reminiscent of a colossal mechanical wheel, stands as Jan’s only shelter and the centrepiece of his mission against time.

Resource acquisition follows typical survival game strategies. Jan must establish outposts to collect minerals, and create a network of pylons to ferry resources—a setup that melds the routine with a touch of novelty to retain player engagement. But to reactivate the base, Jan faces a more daunting task, for it requires the skills of a technician, a role he must embody in absence of any living counterparts. Through cloning, Jan not only replicates his presence but diversifies his skills, mirroring the real-world dynamics of learning, adaptation, and the overcoming of unprecedented challenges.

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At its core, “The Alters” entices players with an exploratory spirit, driven by vivid ‘What Ifs’ that shape not only gameplay but the evolution of its singular character. This game is an ambitious blending of survival tactics, personal exploration, and science fiction storytelling that invites players to contemplate the profound implications of cloning, identity, and human resilience.

The game’s demo suggests a richly textured world where the art of survival becomes intertwined with the expansive potential of human experience. As players navigate the uncharted terrain alongside Jan, facing his deepest fears and inexhaustible quests for self-discovery, they engage in an evolving dialogue about the paths not taken, the selves not lived, and the inexorable drive toward making the most out of the one life that is truly ours—even when multiplied through science’s daring lens.

The Alters is coming PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X later this year.

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