Adam Wingard Exits MonsterVerse, New Godzilla vs. Kong Director Sought


– Adam Wingard will not be directing the next installment in Legendary’s MonsterVerse due to timing conflicts, though the split is amicable.
– Wingard’s last MonsterVerse film, Godzilla x Kong: New Empire, has been financially successful, and while he has more stories to tell, he is pursuing a new project, an action thriller with A24.

Adam Wingard Exits MonsterVerse, New Godzilla vs. Kong Director Sought

Godzilla and Kong, the iconic behemoths of cinema, have laid their destructive hands to rest—for now—under the direction of filmmaker Adam Wingard. Having helmed the last two colossal entries in Legendary Entertainment’s revered MonsterVerse, Wingard has now stepped aside, ushering in a change for future sequels.

Wingard’s exit from the MonsterVerse directorial roster was mutual, attributing the move to scheduling conflicts. However, insiders suggest there remains a possibility for Wingard’s return to the cinematic universe, indicating that the separation may not be the final curtain call.

In the wake of “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire,” which magnetized audiences worldwide, accumulating over 4 million since its late March release, Wingard has expressed his appetite for more monster storytelling. Amid the promotional buzz for the movie, he hinted at a trove of narratives yet to unfold. Nonetheless, Wingard also revealed his enthusiasm for fresh creative horizons, presenting “Onslaught,” an action-packed thriller that has been eagerly snapped up by A24. The new project is preparing to commence filming in the fall.

Legendary, with an urgent ambition to advance the MonsterVerse, had hoped Wingard might occupy the director’s chair once more. However, the studio has had to recalibrate its expectations and strategy. Their temporal vision mismatched with Wingard’s aspirations, leading to a gradual, yet definite, decision to part ways. Following the announcement of Dave Callaham, the talented writer behind “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” being tapped to script the next chapter, the separation appeared inevitable.

As the studio turns the page, it remains to be seen whether prior elements meticulously cultivated by Wingard, such as the Hollow Earth lore or characters like the valiant veterinarian portrayed by Dan Stevens, will persist in forthcoming installments.

Wingard’s departure from the MonsterVerse not only marks the end of an era but concludes on an exceptionally high note. “Godzilla x Kong” is poised to eclipse its predecessors, heading towards the accolade of highest-grossing MonsterVerse film, a spot held by “Kong: Skull Island” since 2017. Notably, “Godzilla x Kong” is set to reach this milestone with the potential to crown itself as the most, or one of the most, lucrative ventures of the franchise, achieving such success on a 5 million budget.

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Featuring a significant debut during the pandemic, Wingard’s initial foray with “Godzilla vs Kong” managed a commendable performance, earning over 0 million domestically and 0 million globally, contributing to the rejuvenation of movie theaters during an exceptionally challenging period for the industry.

Wingard’s successful tenure with the MonsterVerse has created indelible moments of cinematic spectacle and forged a legacy that will resonate with both audiences and the industry. As he moves forward to new creative landscapes and Legendary navigates the ensuing chapter of monster mayhem, the next installment executives, storytellers, and fans alike eagerly await with anticipation, ready to witness the future of these titanic tales.


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