NECA Releases Krampus Action Figures This Fall!


– NECA is releasing action figures based on Michael Dougherty’s movie ‘Krampus’, featuring the titular character Krampus and his minion Der Klown, with the figures expected to enhance holiday horror displays.
– The Krampus action figure comes with multiple accessories and interchangeable parts, including two tongues and various trinket accessories, while Der Klown includes different mouths and victim parts, both aimed at collectors willing to pay premium prices.

The resurgence in popularity for the holiday haunt, Krampus, shows no signs of abating, with NECA unveiling a line of highly anticipated action figures based on Michael Dougherty’s dark Christmas film. Nearly ten years have passed since the movie first cast its shadow across silver screens, yet the lore of Krampus, once an obscure Alpine legend, has now firmly entrenched itself into the public consciousness, thanks to the wildfire-like spread of the Internet, animated features, and boutique collectible lines.

NECA’s forthcoming release is not merely a tribute to the iconic antagonist Krampus, but it also honors his terrifying accomplice, the man-eating jack-in-the-box, Der Klown. Crafted with meticulous detail, these figures boast a “7-inch scale,” which translates to an impressive stature, with Krampus looming at 10 inches tall and Der Klown stretching out to an equivalent length. The tangible detail and quality material justify their respective price tags, setting collectors back approximately .99 for Krampus and .99 for Der Klown. Despite the investment, these pieces are predicted to elevate any holiday horror display to a level of unparalleled coolness, a niche celebration for horror aficionados during a season traditionally associated with warmth and cheer.

The Krampus figure itself is a marvel of collectible craftsmanship, coming with a variety of accessories such as two separate tongues—one equipped with a poseable wire—metallic chains, a set of seven interchangeable hands, and an array of over ten miniature trinkets designed to adorn his chains. Not to mention, a Krampus bell encased both in a box and in wrapping, and a snow globe portraying the Engel family’s house make for striking additions. Der Klown is no less exceptional with three interchangeable mouths, parts of his latest victim, and articles of clothing such as neck ruffles and a handkerchief.

The collected assortment of images present the haunting visage of Krampus and the grotesque charm of Der Klown in various poses, highlighting the intricate details and potential for customization these figures offer. Collectors will revel in the possibilities for mise-en-scène, where every angle reveals something new about these sinister characters.

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NECA has hinted at further delights to come, depending on the market’s reception to Krampus and his ghastly minion. Keen-eyed enthusiasts may anticipate the exciting possibility of additional fiends from the film joining the ranks of these carefully rendered collectibles. The previously teased prototypes suggest that an accessory pack could also be on the horizon, beckoning collectors deeper into the unfolding nightmare of Dougherty’s Christmas fable.

As the days shorten and the nights grow colder in anticipation of the holiday season, these figures stand as a reminder of the darker folklore that lurks just beneath the jingle bells and mistletoe. They encapsulate a revival of myth reinvented through the lens of modern cinema and the gift of tangible terror for the collector who harbors a love for the festive macabre. The impending release of these action figures, meticulously crafted for horror and folklore enthusiasts, is not just a boon for collectors but a celebration of the rich narrative of our yuletide fantasies and fears.


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