Compete in Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition This July


– Nintendo announced Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition for the Switch, featuring over 150 speedrunning challenges in 13 classic NES games, set to release on July 18, 2024, with online and local multiplayer options.

Nintendo has unveiled a nostalgic blend of tradition and competition with the reveal of “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition.” This innovative title, set to launch on the Switch come July 18, transports players back to the halcyon days of the NES, replete with 13 iconic games, refashioned for the fervent speedrunner and the casual player alike.

The allure of “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition” extends far beyond its competitive nature; it’s a celebration of Nintendo’s heritage, encapsulated within a modern gaming experience. Over 150 unique challenges lie in wait, ensuring that both seasoned gamers and fledgling enthusiasts have a plethora of trials to tackle. The competition will be fierce, with global online leaderboards reflecting the most dexterous of players, as well as providing a stage for friendly rivalry with local multiplayer mayhem for up to eight participants.

Eager gamers were treated to a blast from the past with a trailer that showcases the new title, invoking nostalgia with a montage of historical Nintendo World Championship moments and victorious champions of yore. The announcement clip is more than just a teaser—it’s a visual voyage through Nintendo’s storied history in competitive gaming.

In the assortment of challenges, variety is the spice of life, as they say. They range from simple yet frantic tasks like nabbing the Super Mushroom in “Super Mario Bros.” with haste, to more skillful feats such as swiftly dispatching Octorocks in “The Legend of Zelda,” or rushing to a predetermined goal in the depths of “Metroid.” These snippets represent only a few of the hand-picked trials from each of the featured NES classics.

Nintendo acknowledges that mastery of the complete catalog is not a prerequisite for enjoying these challenges. Each one is intended to be digestible, promoting an accessible approach to gaming glory that is further complemented by the addition of an automatic rewind feature. This tool allows players to reattempt their feats without being set back by failure, a boon for those keen to refine their skills and ascend the leaderboards.

To enhance the experience, the “Deluxe Set” provides tangible memorabilia to adorn any fan’s collection, including vivid art cards and a gleaming golden NES cartridge reminiscent of the coveted trophies of Nintendo’s competitive heyday. Such collectibles are a vivid homage to the legacy of the games that so many hold dear, infused with a contemporary twist.

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As July 18 nears, a sense of anticipation hangs in the gaming community, with Nintendo again demonstrating its unique ability to mingle past pleasures with the eager expectations of today’s gaming generation. When “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition” releases, it promises to reconnect gamers with their cherished memories, while creating an entirely new playground for speedrunners and enthusiasts alike to showcase their skills and relive the golden era of 8-bit gaming in a contemporary setting.


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