Sony Appoints Hideaki Nishino, Hermen Hulst as New PlayStation CEOs


– Sony is appointing two new CEOs for different divisions: Hideaki Nishino to lead the Platform Business Group and Hermen Hulst to head the Studio Business Group after Jim Ryan’s retirement, with both reporting to Chairman Hiroki Totoki starting June 1, 2024.
– Nishino’s focus will be on PlayStation hardware, technology, services, and third-party relations, while Hulst will oversee content development and expansion into other media like film and TV, highlighted by the successful adaptation of “The Last of Us.”

Today heralds a new epoch for Sony Interactive Entertainment as the organization prepares to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of gaming and digital entertainment. In a strategic move, the corporation announced a significant shift in its executive suite, with Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst set to take the reins as the new CEOs, following former head Jim Ryan’s departure.

The change in leadership will formally take place on the 1st of June, 2024. Each of the new CEOs will steer different sectors within Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), leveraging their strengths to foster growth and innovation. Nishino will guide the Platform Business Group while Hulst will preside over the Studio Business Group. Bringing a wealth of experience to their roles, they are tasked with ensuring the brand remains at the forefront of gaming by deepening player engagement and reaching new audiences.

Hiroki Totoki, who has been filling in as interim CEO subsequent to Ryan’s retirement, will ascend to the position of Chairman of SIE. Alongside this, he will maintain his extensive responsibilities as President, COO, and CFO of Sony Group Corporation. Both Nishino and Hulst will report directly to Totoki, aligning under his overall strategic vision for SIE.

Nishino, currently the Senior Vice President of the Platform Experience Group, is intimately familiar with the technical veins of the PlayStation ecosystem. His newly defined role will have him oversee various facets including technology, product and service enhancements, and platform experience. Additionally, he will be responsible for third-party publisher and developer relations as well as commercial operations, which encompasses hardware, services, and peripherals sales and marketing activities.

On the other hand, Hulst, who now serves as Senior Vice President and Head of PlayStation Studios, has been instrumental in expanding PlayStation’s footprint not only across consoles and PCs but also into the realms of film and TV. His hands have helped sculpt PlayStation Productions, which has seen critical acclaim through projects such as HBO’s adaptation of Naughty Dog’s iconic game “The Last of Us.” Moving forward, Hulst will direct the development, publishing, and business initiatives of SIE’s first-party content.

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Both executives expressed a univocal enthusiasm for their upcoming roles. Nishino articulated his eagerness to enrich the connections between players and creators with world-class technology and services. Hulist mirrored this sentiment with a commitment to harnessing the potential of the PlayStation 5 and shaping future gaming landscapes. Their shared vision for the company resonates with a focus on creativity and cutting-edge innovation as they step into their leadership positions.

This transition occurs amidst a tumultuous time for the gaming industry, which has seen widespread layoffs, including the tough decision by Sony to let go of approximately 900 employees—an 8% cut of its global workforce. These layoffs symbolize the challenges faced by even the most established entities within the field, with Sony eyeing its restructured leadership as a key to sustaining growth through these uncertainties.

The appointment of Nishino and Hulst marks an inflection point in Sony’s storied legacy. It reflects strategic foresight in positioning experienced visionaries at the helm to navigate the complexities of the gaming world and capture the collective imagination of gamers worldwide. As the digital entertainment industry continues to expand, Sony’s fresh leadership aims to honor its past and embrace the possibilities of the future.


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