Joker Joins MultiVersus: Exclusive Gameplay and Mark Hamill’s Voice


– The Joker was announced as a new fighter in MultiVersus, featuring gameplay footage and voice work by Mark Hamill in a new trailer.
– The trailer also showcases Joker’s alternate costume based on The Batman Who Laughs and hints at unique character interactions, such as those with Harley Quinn.

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Last week, the iconic DC villain The Joker, distinctively voiced by Mark Hamill, was announced as the latest addition to the roster of fighters in the game MultiVersus, generating excitement among fans. The initial revelation was purely for show, leaving much to the imagination regarding The Joker’s role in gameplay dynamics. However, a new trailer released recently has illuminated what players can expect from this cunning character’s in-game presence.

The trailer showcases The Joker amid the chaotic combat MultiVersus is known for, armed with his signature gadgets and maniacal combat style. In a captivating display of animation and voice acting, the video treats fans to a sample of Mark Hamill’s legendary portrayal of the character, whose maniacal laughter and sardonic quips are staples in the portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Adding layers to The Joker’s personality and potential strategies in the game, the video reveals an alternate costume that pays homage to a recent addition to the DC Universe, The Batman Who Laughs—a sinister amalgamation of Batman and The Joker from a dark dimension. This nightmarish entity is visually striking, with a ghastly grimace and a band of spiked, dark metal encircling his eyes, offering a stark counterpoint to The Joker’s usual flamboyant attire.

Further whetting appetites for narrative content within the game, the trailer teases interactions between The Joker and Harley Quinn, his renowned accomplice. Such dialogue exchanges hint at a richer story experience and are likely to delight fans with references to their complex history. Adding depth to the character interactions ensures a more immersive experience for those familiar with the lore of the DC Universe.

Multiversus Joker

In addition to The Joker’s highly anticipated gameplay debut, the trailer gives a nod to the future, hinting at additional characters who will join the MultiVersus lineup over time. This strategy of progressive character reveals is not only a nod to the game’s name – indicating a convergence of various universes – but also a way to maintain long-term interest in the platform.

Following a strategic pause after its open beta phase, MultiVersus is poised to re-emerge on May 28 with enhancements likely arising from player feedback and developmental polish. The anticipation for the relaunch is palpable among the existing fan base, and the addition of The Joker is a strategic move to invigorate the platform and attract newcomers taken with the allure of controlling one of pop culture’s most notorious villains.

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The infusion of The Joker, voiced by the inimitable Mark Hamill, into the MultiVersus universe heralds a new chapter of excitement and variety for the game. By adapting familiar characters into the game’s unique combat system and interactive narrative, players are promised a genuinely fresh experience that respects its origins while simultaneously charting new territory in the competitive landscape of gaming. The curtain rises once more for MultiVersus, and all eyes are fixed on what surprises it has concealed up its sleeve. As players gear up to engage in the interdimensional mayhem, the promise of new challengers and the entrance of The Joker signify a vibrant and continuing future for this multiverse-spanning brawler.


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