Fede Alvarez’s ‘Alien: Romulus’ Promises Giger’s Truest Xenomorph Yet


– “Alien: Romulus,” directed by Fede Alvarez, will premiere in theaters on August 16, featuring a Xenomorph design that closely honors H.R. Giger’s original work.
– The film promises to be an original standalone story set between the first two Alien films, focusing on young colonizers encountering the Xenomorph on a derelict space station.

Fede Alvarez, the creative mind behind spine-chilling hits like “Evil Dead” and “Don’t Breathe,” is steering the “Alien” franchise into dark new frontiers with “Alien: Romulus.” Mark your calendars for August 16, when this much-anticipated film hits theatres across the country. “Entertainment Weekly” has released two riveting images that give a sneak peek into the terror awaiting audiences.

The first captivating image provides a renewed glimpse at the film’s central terror: the Xenomorph. Alvarez reportedly assured “Entertainment Weekly” that the creature’s design honors the legacy of H.R. Giger more closely than any of its predecessors. Giger’s visionary artistry was instrumental to the original “Alien” directed by Ridley Scott, as he conceived the nightmarish entity that catapulted the series into cinematic history.

The second image serves as an intriguing introduction to two key human protagonists: Tyler, portrayed by Archie Renaux, and the formidable Rain Carradine, brought to life by Cailee Spaeny. This visual teaser hints at the human element that will intersect with the harrowing extraterrestrial presence, setting the stage for a gripping narrative.

Those eager for an extended look can head to the “Entertainment Weekly” website for an expansive preview of “Alien: Romulus.”

The plot of “Alien: Romulus” promises a heart-pounding journey. As per the official synopsis, a cadre of young space colonizers scavenging a dilapidated space station will confront the universe’s most petrifying organism – offering audiences a gripping tale of survival in the cold expanse of space.

Cailee Spaeny, known for her roles in “The Craft: Legacy” and “Pacific Rim Uprising,” stars alongside an ensemble cast featuring Isabela Merced, David Jonsson, Archie Renaux, Spike Fearn, and Aileen Wu, promising strong performances from a diverse array of talent.

“Alien: Romulus” is positioned in the chronology between the first two classic films, distinguishing itself as an “original standalone feature.” The narrative is set to focus on an ensemble of young characters located on a far-flung world, infusing the franchise with fresh blood.

Alvarez did not tackle the script alone; instead, he collaborated with Rodo Sayagues, connecting the creative threads of “Evil Dead” to this new “Alien” narrative. With Ridley Scott’s guidance as a producer and Disney’s distribution network, the film represents a bold new chapter for the storied sci-fi horror franchise.

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Fans of the series are on the edge of their seats, awaiting the release of “Alien: Romulus.” With a commitment to Giger’s iconic aesthetic and a tension-packed storyline, Alvarez’s foray into this revered series is poised to be a thrilling addition to the “Alien” legacy. Whether this film succeeds in evoking the same sense of awe and fear synonymous with the originals is a question that will be answered when the shadows of the theater give way to the cold light of another world, and once again, the scream of terror escapes into the void of space.


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