Experience Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disney World June 2024!


– Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the new ride themed after “The Princess and the Frog,” will debut at Walt Disney World on June 28, 2024, featuring original characters and voice actors, as well as introducing new characters and music.
– The ride features an array of Audio-Animatronics, New Orleans-inspired artwork and music, and will retain the iconic 50-foot drop from the previous Splash Mountain; select groups might get early access before the official opening.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Excitement is brewing, as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new ride themed around the animated classic “The Princess and the Frog,” is set to make a splash at Walt Disney World in Florida on June 28, 2024. Revealed through a Disney Parks blog post and during American Idol’s Disney Night, the forthcoming attraction promises to whisk guests away on an enchanting journey alongside Tiana, Mama Odie, and the charming Louis, enhanced by the vibrant heartbeat of a New Orleans celebration.

The anticipation among Disney enthusiasts is palpable, with a promise of immersion through “dozens” of Audio-Animatronics figures, bringing to life the characters fans have grown to love. Not only that, but the original voice talent from the movie, including Anika Noni Rose (Princess Tiana) and Bruno Campos (Prince Naveen), among others, will lend their voices once again to these beloved characters, ensuring an experience that feels authentic and true to the spirit of the film.

Adding to the excitement, the attraction will introduce a host of new characters, designed to seamlessly blend into the whimsical world of “The Princess and the Frog.” These new faces include a band of bayou critters, like an otter and a raccoon, all equipped with makeshift instruments conjuring melodious tunes that reflect the rich musical landscape of the Deep South. The soundtrack will be augmented by new pieces from acclaimed musicians PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard, harmonizing with familiar favorites from the original movie score.

Beyond the auditory experience, the ride will also be a visual homage to New Orleans, featuring the artistry of Louisiana’s own Malaika Favorite in the queue area. Metalwork weathervanes by Darryl Reeves, a master blacksmith, and his apprentice Karina Roca, as well as inspiring art by Sharika Mahdi, will pay tribute to the local culture and skill, underlining the ride’s dedication to region-specific authenticity.

As guests queue for this adventure, they will be tantalized by the scent of New Orleans’ quintessential treat, beignets, a fine culinary teaser of what awaits within Tiana’s world. The storyline will follow Tiana preparing a Mardi Gras party to celebrate her dream-come-true, opening Tiana’s Palace, ensuring a narrative continuity from the 2009 film to this thrilling new ride. Happily for fans of the current Splash Mountain, the iconic 50-foot drop feature will remain, bringing a familiar thrill to the new setting.

Disney aficionados, particularly those in Florida, may have an opportunity to experience the attraction in advance of its official opening. With limited previews potentially available to Florida-based Disney Cast Members, Annual Passholders, and Disney Vacation Club Members, additional details are expected to become available around May 14.

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Equally stirring is the news that Disneyland, too, will welcome its own version of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure later in the year, though a specific opening date remains uncertain. Meanwhile, those eager to immerse themselves in the world of “The Princess and the Frog” can find more information about the ride’s development, as well as where to rank Tiana in the pantheon of Disney Princesses and animated movies.

Disney continues to reimagine its experiences, evolving with the times and paying homage to stories that resonate across generations. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is shaping up to be more than just a ride—it’s an expansion of a narrative universe that captures the heart, creativeness, and gusto of both its characters and its setting. This new attraction is not merely a renovation of a classic; it’s a vibrant celebration of culture, music, and storytelling that holds the promise of enchanting Disney’s guests for years to come.


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