Ernie Hudson Teases Winston Spin-Off From “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire”


– Ernie Hudson, who portrayed Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters films, has proposed a spin-off project exploring the character’s ghost research center and questioning the nature of ghosts and their impact on human emotions and society.
– Hudson’s concept for the Winston spin-off includes the idea of ghostly influences causing human behaviors, where the Ghostbusters’ equipment could reveal and trap unseen ghosts, potentially liberating towns from negative spectral manipulation.

Ernie Hudson, the actor who won the hearts of fans as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters franchise, recently shared his vision for an intriguing spin-off centred around his character. His proposal, which came to light during a promotional event for the home video release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, explores the deeper connection between the ghostly realm and the human emotional experience.

Hudson’s concept draws inspiration from his own familial history, citing his grandmother’s ghostly beliefs—specifically their influence on human emotions rather than physical surroundings. He imagines a scenario where negative spirits exacerbate the violence in a city, posing questions about the true nature and purpose of these spectral entities. Do they all merit capture and containment, or could some be in need of guidance to transition peacefully?

Continuing with that theme, Hudson addresses the potential for ghosts to impose upon and alter our thoughts, pointing to a spiritual explanation for emotions and impulses that seem to arise without clear cause. The link between the ethereal and the material world is a relationship he is eager to explore to a greater extent than the franchise has in the past. He references the memorable “mood slime” from Ghostbusters II, which sowed chaos through the city, as a catalyst for major social unrest.

In his envisioned spin-off, Hudson imagines a more subtle, yet no less dangerous, spectral threat. Instead of focusing on grandiose ectoplasmic entities or armageddon-inducing phantoms, his storyline would delve into the phenomena of possession, investigating how unseen forces could be manipulating the citizens of New York City, fostering paranoia and violence. Hudson speculates on a narrative where Winston and the team employ their expertise to unveil these invisible oppressors and, by trapping them, release the city from their malevolent grip.

Considering Hudson’s first appearance as Winston in 1984, it is noteworthy how his character, initially the everyman and the last one to join the team, has evolved into the most financially triumphant protagonist to revitalize the Ghostbusters enterprise with the 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife. These themes of redemption and ascension hint at deeper stories yet untold in the Ghostbusters universe.

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“What happens in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” you might ask? The film introduces the Spengler family, descendants of the original Ghostbusters, as they return to the fabled New York firehouse. Alongside the legacy characters, they excavate an artifact that stirs up a malevolent force. It’s a high-stakes adventure where heroes from both eras combine their expertise to thwart a catastrophic Ice Age, pushing the boundary of ghostbusting technology and teamwork.

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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is now accessible on digital platforms, offering fans another chapter of spectral excitement. But Hudson’s ambitions indicate a new direction, where the eeriness of invisible haunts could lead to a series re-examining the metaphysical implications of ghostbusting on society.

Winston Zeddemore’s spin-off, as conceived by Ernie Hudson, promises a narrative interwoven with paranormal investigation and existential inquiry. Ditching the spectacle of giant apparitions, this concept concentrates on the subtleties of spiritual influences on the human psyche, and the pursuit of liberation from their unseen shackles. Such a project has the potential to amplify the classic Ghostbusters charm with a contemporary twist, delving into questions of faith, fear, and the fabric of our reality. Hudson’s insight invites us to see ghosts not just as fodder for proton packs but as potential windows into the human soul. With Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire already adding to the franchise’s legacy, the prospect of Hudson’s story being brought to life holds the promise of a fresh, captivating exploration into the world of the paranormal.


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