Explore Necrophosis Demo: Surreal Horror Awaits on Steam Now


– Dragonis Games released a demo for their new horror game Necrophosis on Steam ahead of Steam Next Fest, offering a glimpse into its stark, decaying universe inspired by artist Zdzisław Beksiński.
– The demo showcases a surreal narrative infused with poetry, Lovecraftian elements, and challenging puzzles set in a non-linear, dread-filled world billions of years after the universe’s end.


In an exciting move ahead of the highly anticipated Steam Next Fest, Dragonis Games in collaboration with Adonis Brosteanu have given fans an early treat by releasing the eagerly awaited demo for their upcoming surreal horror title, “Necrophosis,” which is now instantly playable on the game’s own Steam page.

Fans of the genre will be intrigued to learn that “Necrophosis” pulls inspiration from the visually distinctive works of Zdzisław Beksiński, rendering an apocalyptic universe billions of years past its expiration. Players are thrust into an existential landscape controlled by death, only to find that in this realm, the immortal grasp of death could possibly meet its end. Carving itself into the genre with its distinct approach, “Necrophosis” explores a world cursed by a devastating affliction that withers and corrupts everything it touches, leaving behind only fragments of decay.

This world presents itself through a meticulously detailed environment, where the heavy atmosphere of horror saturates every inch. Each character encountered is a physical manifestation of deterioration, a reflection of the pervasive curse known as Necrophosis that has ensnared them. The weight of their despair is palpable as the game dares players to navigate this nightmarish reality.

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The demo available provides a sneak peek into the full experience, meshing together harrowingly voiced narratives and stirring poetry to enhance the unsettling ambience of the game. “Necrophosis” isn’t merely a visual experience; it also challenges the mind with an array of puzzles intricately woven into the overarching, obscure story. Players will embark on a journey through “a mysterious and macabre series of events,” confronting grotesque beings and cerebral challenges that distort the line between the tangible world and ghastly delusions. The demo lays out a series of spaces each marked by its unique theme, an array of enigmas to decipher, and characters deeply rooted in the central mythos of the game, all tied together in a non-linear exploration.

Adding another layer to the spooky atmosphere, the foray into “Necrophosis” includes encounters with the cosmic horrors and arcane entities of the Lovecraftian mythos, enriching the narrative with a dread that Lovecraft admirers will no doubt appreciate. As players penetrate the shroud of this beleaguered world, they will meet monstrous figments that could have been ripped from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s most unsettling tales.

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With the premature release of the “Necrophosis” demo, the creators, Dragonis Games and Adonis Brosteanu, are extending an irresistible invitation to horror aficionados: to immerse themselves in a domain where the grotesque and the sublime intertwine. They beckon players to step through a portal to a wasteland gripped by decay, offering the first glimpses into an experience designed to entice, challenge, and terrify in equal measure.

As the curtain falls on this announcement, it’s clear that “Necrophosis” aims to stand as a bold entrant in the horror video game genre. The developers have set the stage for what promises to be an unnerving journey through a beautifully realized world shrouded in shadows, suspense, and surrealism. The demo is just a forerunner of what’s poised to be a truly unsettling expedition into the farthest reaches of terror and imagination.


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