Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac to star in vampire thriller ‘Flesh of the Gods’ directed by Panos Cosmatos


– Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac are set to star in the 80s-set vampire thriller “Flesh of the Gods,” directed by Panos Cosmatos and produced by Adam McKay. The film will explore a storyline of a married couple enticed into a life of debauchery and violence.
– The film’s domestic rights sales will be managed by CAA and WME, and international sales by XYZ Films, with production planning to start later this year.
– Both Stewart and Isaac are represented by WME and have recently been involved in other prominent film projects; Stewart starred in “Love Lies Bleeding” and Isaac launched his production company while featuring in Marvel’s “Moon Knight” series.

Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac, both prominent names in the film industry, are set to light up the screen in the forthcoming vampire thriller “Flesh of the Gods”. The film is a venture by the accomplished director Panos Cosmatos, whose distinctive storytelling style and aesthetic will provide a fresh take on the popular vampire genre.

The intriguing storyline is set against the backdrops of 1980s Los Angeles, a city known for its glamour, extravagance, and charismatic appeal. Stewart and Isaac will portray a married couple falling prey to the entrancing allure of hedonism and violence. The film is anticipated to offer a unique blend of classic horror elements, stark realism, and a haunting exploration of the human psyche in an environment steeped in temptation and moral decay.

Adam McKay, renowned for producing ‘Succession’ and ‘Don’t Look Up’, shoulders the responsibility of producing “Flesh of the Gods”. His past works display a penchant for tackling provocative themes and unusual narratives, a trend that is anticipated to continue with this new venture. Domestic rights sales will be managed by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and William Morris Endeavor (WME), with XYZ Films handling the international sales.

Kristen Stewart, fresh off her haunting role in “Love Lies Bleeding”, is set to bring her powerful acting prowess to “Flesh of the Gods”. Known for her versatile performances and depth of character understanding, she brings a tangible authenticity to her roles. Meanwhile, Oscar Isaac continues to assert his dominance in the realm of high-intensity character portrayals. With his recent foray into production with the launch of Mad Gene Media and his role in Marvel’s “Moon Knight” series, Isaac embodies the passionate commitment required for impactful narratives.

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Both actors are represented by WME, and Stewart is also represented by McKuin Frankel, while Goodman Genow stands by Isaac. Panos Cosmatos is represented by CAA and Weintraub Tobin. Andrew Kevin Walker, notable for his work in “Se7en”, is signed on as screenwriter, and is represented by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Ziffren Brittenham.

“Flesh of the Gods” promises an explosive fusion of talent, both on and off-screen. With a coveted lineup of renowned actors and an exceptional crew, the movie has generated significant buzz within the industry. There’s a palpable anticipation for the film’s release and the thrill it’s set to bring to the horror genre. The combination of Cosmatos’ uncanny direction, Stewart and Isaac’s powerful performances, and Walker’s evocative writing might prove to be a recipe for a truly transfixing movie experience.


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