Sebastian Stan & Lily James Reunite in ‘Let the Evil Go West’


– Sebastian Stan and Lily James reunite for a new psychological thriller called “Let the Evil Go West,” where Stan’s character finds a fortune that leads to madness and a perceived evil presence.
– The film is directed by Christian Tafdrup, with a script by Xc Vs, and produced by Star Thrower Entertainment and Gramercy Park Media; the plot details remain largely undisclosed.

Sebastian Stan and Lily James, two actors who have emerged as powerhouses on the big screen, are poised to share the spotlight in an upcoming cinematic endeavor. Stan, who has entrenched himself in the hearts of moviegoers as the haunted Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is on deck to partner with the enchanting Lily James. Fans may recall James for her captivating performances in works like “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and Disney’s enchanting live-action “Cinderella.” Their reunion is bound to stir excitement among their following, who last saw the pair’s electric chemistry in the biographical drama “Pam & Tommy.”

Their next project is the intriguingly named “Let the Evil Go West,” a film that promises to dip into the depths of psychological terror. It is intriguing to consider how each actor will morph into their new roles, especially after their respective portrayals of complex and tortured souls. The synopsis, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, evokes images of isolation alongside the expansive and sometimes unforgiving backdrop of railroad expansion. It tells a tale of a worker who unearths a fortune, only to be ensnared by what may be supernatural horror, as chilling hallucinations prod him towards insanity.

The behind-the-scenes lineup offers its own form of star power, with director Christian Tafdrup at the helm, bringing his own experience in creating unsettling cinema as seen in “Speak No Evil.” With a script authored by the enigmatic Xc Vs, and production companies like Star Thrower Entertainment and Gramercy Park Media anchoring the project’s development, the film stands on a solid foundation for success.

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Speculation about the precise nature of the evil force in “Let the Evil Go West” and the historical setting it occupies is rife. However, the nebulous details add to the allure of the film and underscore the broad creative canvas this thriller possesses. The elements suggest that audiences can anticipate a blend of period drama and contemporary horror tropes deftly mixed to deliver suspense and, perhaps, commentary on the human condition.


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