Radio Silence Exits ‘Escape from New York’ Requel Project


– The filmmaking team Radio Silence is no longer involved in developing the “requel” of John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York” due to a tricky rights issue and time constraints.
– Radio Silence’s recent success with the vampire movie “Abigail” has surpassed other films in the Universal Monsters brand, but they are now no longer attached to the “Escape from New York” project in any official capacity.

Escape from New York

In a twist that may have taken fans by surprise, the announcement that came two years prior about the filmmaking duo Radio Silence, lauded for movies like “Ready or Not” and the recent “Scream” franchise entries, had been working on a contemporary adaptation of John Carpenter’s iconic “Escape from New York” stirred considerable excitement. This excitement was even more pronounced given the fact that Carpenter himself would be joining the project as an executive producer, lending legitimacy and a continuation of his original vision to the endeavor under 20th Century Studios.

Originally termed a “reboot,” the project was later framed by directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett as a “requel” – a portmanteau merging reboot and sequel, hinting at a new chapter that would honor the original while potentially taking Snake Plissken’s story in new directions. However, in an unexpected development, the directors have announced their departure from the project during a conversation with Comicbook.com.

Gillett revealed the departure was due to complications relating to rights and timing constraints. A sense of realism colored his admission, offering an introspective take on the difficulties of reviving such a legendary title. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that attempts to kickstart another chapter in the “Escape from New York” saga have hit a snag, suggesting a recurring challenge in resurrecting classics for contemporary audiences. Gillett’s candid reflection points to the immense pressure and expectations that come with following up on a Carpenter classic, especially in the wake of directing popular films post-“Scream.”

“Escape from New York” itself is a cult classic with a thrilling premise of a dystopian future where Manhattan has transformed into a maximum-security prison, and “Escape from LA” saw Snake Plissken in an equally daunting mission amidst a backdrop of another iconic city reimagined as a lawless outpost. These imaginative settings and Carpenter’s vision have cemented the series as a cornerstone in the catacombs of sci-fi lore.

Adding to Radio Silence’s acclaim, their recent outing with the vampire movie “Abigail” achieved significant box office success and garnered critical praise, outperforming other vampire-themed films from the Universal Monsters brand within the year. This success, paired with the film’s release on Premium VOD, suggests that Radio Silence possesses a flair for reinvigorating classic horror tropes for modern audiences, a deep understanding of genre filmmaking that made their attachment to the “Escape from New York” project particularly exciting.

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As fans await further news on the future of the “Escape from New York” revamp, intrigue swirls about what Radio Silence’s next steps will be. With their departure, the future of Snake Plissken’s return to the screen remains uncertain. Followers of both Radio Silence and Carpenter’s work remain on standby, eager to learn how the legacy of Snake Plissken will continue, whether it will be through fresh voices, or perhaps, through the legendary creator himself.

This turn of events highlights the intricate challenges of reworking classic cinema for the contemporary landscape, where legacy and innovation must strike a delicate balance. Observers are left anticipating what narratives may next emerge from both Radio Silence and any ongoing pursuit to breathe new life into Carpenter’s storied New York dystopia.


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