A24 Joins Forces for Masha Ko’s ‘The Looming’ Feature Adaptation


– A24 has partnered with Causeway Films and Square Peg to develop a feature adaptation of Masha Ko’s Sundance short film “The Looming,” following the success of similar projects like “Talk to Me.”
– Masha Ko, the director of “The Looming,” an award-winning psychological thriller, will write and direct the feature film, which explores the theme of a virtual assistant hinting at a presence that may not be just a figment of dementia.

Masha Ko

A24 continues to solidify its reputation as a purveyor of standout independent films as it announces a new collaboration with the creative minds behind last year’s success, “Talk to Me“, and the chilling force of Ari Aster’s Square Peg, known for “Hereditary”. Their latest project brings to the silver screen a full-length adaptation of Masha Ko’s awarded short film “The Looming”, which gained acclaim at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Masha Ko, a director whose work has been celebrated for bringing focus to the marginalized stories overlooked by mainstream narratives, will lead the charge as both the writer and director of “*”The Looming”*”. Her art transcends conventional storytelling by infusing it with her human installation artistry, which provides a multi-dimensional experience to her narratives.

The premise of the original short film carries a profound and timely resonance: An elderly gentleman named Chester is grappling with the possibility of dementia but discovers that the unsettling noises in his home are validated by his virtual home assistant named Luna. This revelation takes the audience down a path where technological tools intersect with the human condition, resulting in a gripping psychological thriller that captivates and terrifies in equal measure.

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With Joseph Lopez, Kolten Horner, Brianne Buishas, and Alyssa Nicole among the short’s cast, one can only wonder which of these actors, if any, might reprise their roles—or whether a new cast will be brought in for the feature adaptation.

Masha Ko’s gripping use of suspense and attention to the frailty of the human mind was praised by the jury at Sundance. This is a film that forces us to confront uncomfortable truths, a harrowing tale wrapped in an aesthetically compelling package, so unsettling that it demands viewers to reconsider the ways in which they interact with their loved ones.

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The trade winds are favorable for A24, especially considering the success of similar genre films such as 2020’s “Relic” which delved into the darkness of age and infirmity. The thematic overlap suggests that audiences who appreciated “Relic”‘s haunting exploration will find themselves equally enthralled by “The Looming”.

The collaboration with Causeway Films’ Samantha Jennings and Kristina Ceyton as well as Square Peg’s trifecta – Ari Aster, Lars Knudsen, and Tyler Campellone – is a strategic alignment of influential cineastes whose previous works hint at a promising new venture. With A24 taking the helm in production, finance, and global distribution, “The Looming” stands on the brink of potentially being another benchmark in modern horror storytelling.


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