Chris Hemsworth reflects on Thor and Furiosa roles


– Chris Hemsworth feels like he didn’t stick the landing with his performance in “Thor: Love and Thunder” and became a parody of himself.
– Hemsworth feels reinvigorated after working on George Miller’s “Furiosa” and questions why he isn’t offered more roles by acclaimed directors like Scorsese or Tarantino.
– Despite mixed reception, “Thor: Love and Thunder” performed well at the box office, and Hemsworth is looking forward to the release of “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.”

As the dust settles on the release of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Chris Hemsworth finds himself reflecting on his performance and the reception of the film. While the movie performed well at the box office, Hemsworth can’t help but feel that he may have missed the mark in his portrayal of the God of Thunder. Admitting that he may have become a parody of himself, Hemsworth expresses a sense of disappointment in not being able to deliver a performance that truly resonated with audiences.

Despite his self-critical assessment, Hemsworth finds solace in his work on George Miller’s upcoming film, “Furiosa.” The opportunity to work with a respected director like Miller has reinvigorated his passion for acting, leading him to question why acclaimed directors like Scorsese or Tarantino haven’t approached him for roles in their projects. Hemsworth’s desire to push himself as an actor and work with top filmmakers showcases his commitment to evolving as a performer and tackling new challenges in his career.

Looking ahead, Hemsworth eagerly anticipates the release of “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” hoping that the film will showcase his growth as an actor and further expand his range of roles. Despite any mixed reception to his recent work, Hemsworth remains determined to continue pushing himself creatively and seeking out projects that challenge him as an actor.

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